“We process 50M SMS per day. Thanks to backend kannel, can scale up to 500M SMS per day. Huge figures, eh?”

If you are a giant in any industry and have SMS volume more than 5M per month, plus SMS is a significant part of your system,

to rent this panel to have full control over every SMS passing through you.

Wondering how it looks like? See for yourselves!

Manage clients

Manage everyone under you. Add/Reduce balance, add price per SMS, sort clients according to your need and what not! You can even add details for a particular client by posting comments under his account.

Send bulk SMS using MSG91
Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Manage route

Dependent on a single operator to ensure working of a route? Well, forget it! Change routes as per your convenience and even divert the route so that the other route works if the one in use is not working.

Track SMS

Track every SMS passing under your nose. See the status of running campaigns, the route from which the messages have been sent, and so on

Send bulk SMS using MSG91
Send bulk SMS using MSG91

Text Dialplan

Use the mix route facility by assigning different routes for different prefixes. This not only keep things sorted but also assists you in routing according to set prefixes.

And keep a check on quality of SMS through different operators by tracking SMS or checking their delivery report by geographical location.

Give your customers just what they need.

Messaging – for Resellers

A number of handy options to manage your clients like editing their funds, setting the expiry of their message, set SMS pricing and much more. Not just that, you can add clients, export details, and even view the executive summary of their activities.

Send bulk SMS using MSG91
Send Bulk SMS using MSG91

Messaging redefined

Try your hands on a panel that simplifies your messaging experience by assisting you with features like scheduling SMS, sending flash SMS, messaging in other languages, and much more.

One phonebook for all  your Contacts

You will never have to search for those numbers again once you get them sorted in your MSG91 phonebook. Add ‘n’ number of contacts by importing them, create groups, edit their details, and do everything that you require to manage them.

Send Bulk SMS using MSG91

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