Exploit Capabilities

Exploit Capabilities: MSG91 Live Webinar

Exploit Capabilities

We Did It! Our first-ever LIVE WEBINAR

We planned an awesome webinar to help our customers exploit our capabilities to the fullest and no guesses there- our customers LOVED it.

Our experts Akesh, Damini and Chinmay were on top of their game as Alisha facilitated the interaction between our customers and our experts. 

The 60-minute webinar covered 

  • How to setup flow to never miss on any communication
  • Use delivery reports effectively to analyze your next campaign
  • Market your brand with personalization
  • Mobile verification- SendOTP 2.0

Our experts threw in few surprises and the interaction level just went up. Want to know what the surprise is?

Take a look for yourself at the entire session that pushed us into thinking that we need to do this more often. Here’s the entire webinar for you to EXPLOIT CAPABILITIES.

For those of you who were a part of our session and made it a success, thank you 🙂 and for those who have been part of our journey, thank you 🙂 With all your questions and queries, you made it a very engaging and helpful session for everyone. We promised we’ll cover your questions, here’s us keeping our promise.

Q & A

  1. API
  • API integration is an issue- Visit this link for seamless API integration 
  1. Integration
  1. Credit
  • Why don’t we restrict the user in the beginning from sending messages if they have insufficient credits- We are working in simplifying the process and the response will be shown whenever you send the SMS using API. 
  1. Delivery Report
  • How long a delivery report exist- We keep the data for 90 days only. 
  • Get the percentage of the delivery report- The details are now available on Summary Page, you can check the delivery ratio using the data available. 
  • To find no. of messages sent by a specific user- You can find the details in Summary or Exported reports. 
  1. Demo
  • Would like to have a session with the Product team to understand & identify enhanced services- We’d love that!. Book a meeting with our team.
  1. Excel
  • Sometimes, you get excel for sending messages containing mobile no. like space between numbers, 91 in beginning, 0 in beginning etc.- General formats work fine. The spaces between numbers will remove the number and the SMS will not be submitted on them. 
  1. Email
  • Service for Email API- Email APIs in FLOW is available. You can use it for sending information. 
  • Can you use emails for sending a newsletter- Yes
  • Do we provide promotional emails- No
  • Avoid spam in email marketing- Do not send Marketing/ Promotion emails. Make sure you use Emails only for sending information and that too, to your registered users only. 
  1. RCS
  • RCS business messaging- RCS will be live, soon. We’ll keep you posted. 
  1. Regional SMS
  • How will you identify a customer’s language- The system will take the details as per the number added, will find the region and deliver the SMS in the regional language. 
  1. SendOTP 2.0
  • 2.0 costing- Costing is same as SendOTP, for details you can drop us an email at [email protected]
  1. Team
  • Logging should be made available by using user ID & password instead of OTP coz many times, team members work remotely- Visit this link to use add team member option for this 
  • Is it possible to change the Login /Email ID- No, the Login /Email ID can not be changed once added.
  1. Unicode
  • Whenever we send Unicode text in bulk through Excel, messages go in an unreadable format- Ensure that your Excel file is created in Unicode Format and you select Unicode while sending SMS from the Panel. For details, drop us an email on [email protected] 
  • Sending a custom message in Hindi is an issue- Use the API and Panel for sending Unicode SMS. 
  1. WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp API- As of now, you can use WhatsApp in FLOW only. There is no separate API for WhatsApp. 
  • What will customers see in their WhatsApp when they receive OTP on WhatsApp- The customers will see your number added for WhatsApp. 
  • Will it be from an official business account or from a mobile number- It will be an account using your mobile number only. 
  • How to send WhatsApp message to multiple users at a time- You can not broadcast your message in WhatsApp.

Hope we covered it all, if your question is still unanswered, you know where to find us [email protected]

Excited about our new features?

A demo is available, use it and share your thoughts and suggestions. And once again thank you for making our first-ever MSG91 Webinar a huge success.


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