13 SMS Marketing Tactics

13 tactics to use SMS communication effectively

Here’s the cheat sheet to SMS marketing communication: the 13 SMS tactics which could be used for an effective SMS marketing to improve the customer reach and getting more business done with higher conversions and active participation of customer.


13 Tactics for SMS Marketing



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Mahindra has established efficient communication across its different business lines with MSG91

Mahindra uses MSG91 for communication


Efficient communication has always played a vital role in the company operations and rapport building with the customer. Be it a startup or an established company having an efficient communication is crucial for everyone in the business. Mahindra has been following the same suit for its different business lines establishing efficient communication throughout the business cycle.



Mahindra using MSG91 APIs for establishing their communication channel


Let’s have a closer look at these business lines to understand how well they have been able to establish and maintain a seamless end-to-end communication.



Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Division


Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Division has been providing customer care services with its website Withyouhamesha, where they help users with their queries, service appointments and other services. To make it seamless with real-time quick responsiveness, they use SMS communication via MSG91 to keep in sync with the customers.


Through the entire business cycle the customers are contacted on SMS making it speedy and hassle-free. MSG91 has been playing a vital role with its APIs, delivering the SMS to a large number of customers in real-time in accordance to the user actions.


Right from the beginning when the user signs up for the first time, a SMS pops up on their phone having their user credentials and account activation code, to an SMS with OTP at every login, customer is provided a secured sign in every time. Users receive all the updates and Service alerts on their registered mobile numbers via SMS whenever their due Service dates approach.


This way MSG91 has played a vital role in maintaining customer communication with their smart APIs, robust and secure infrastructure.



Mahindra Saboro


Mahindra Saboro is the milk unit of the Mahindra group, where they manage their customer activities efficiently with SMS. Upon the first Sign up the customer receives an OTP for the verification, making it secured.


With MSG91 APIs and real-time robust system, SMS is delivered to the customers at different events such as:


  • Once the customer makes an order, he/she receives an SMS for the Order Confirmation.
  • Upon the confirmation when the order is delivered, the customer gets notified with the Order Delivery SMS.
  • If the order is cancelled, then the customer gets notified for the Order Cancellation SMS.
  • Apart from the notifications regarding Orders, clients also receive Offers, Alerts and other information via SMS.


This way MSG91 has helped Mahindra Saboro maintain an effective communication with Customers via SMS.


Smart Shift


Smart Shift which is the logistics business of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group has also used SMS to communicate with their customers.


With the help of MSG91, they are able to send the SMS to their customers which has been a part of their operations making it smooth and hassle-free.


  • As soon as the customer signs up, he gets the Verification code OTP via SMS.
  • Every time the customer makes a new shift, he receives OTP along with the billing details via SMS. This OTP has to be shared with the logistics operator, in order to start the shift.


Thus, real-time messages have made the process lot easier and seamless with the robust and secure services from MSG91.


Car Chat


Car Chat the live chat car service provided by Mahindra & Mahindra Group has been using MSG91 to send OTPs via SMS at different occasions to ensure security.

Customers receive an SMS with OTP on the following events:



  • Sign Up: An OTP after the first time to ensure a secure signup.
  • Number Verification: To ensure that the number registered by the user is correct an OTP is sent on the number for the verification.
  • Password Retrieval: If the user forgets the password, an OTP is sent for the verification to ensure security before allowing the retrieval the password.



This way MSG91 is ensuring security with its secured real-time OTP messages.



Mahindra uses MSG91 for communication


The Bottom Line


This way Mahindra & Mahindra has a close association with MSG91 and had been efficiently using the MSG91 APIs for their customer communication, looking forward to further enhancing the bond.



Het Patel, Deputy Manager – Technology and Analytics says The MSG91 portal is just amazing. Seamless backend and report generation. Timely delivery of messages have increased the satisfaction of customer experience.”

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Measure Your SMS Marketing Effectively For A Greater ROI

Return of Investment with Bulk SMS using MSG91

When it comes to marketing, nothing can be as direct as SMS. A noninvasive mode of communication, sending texts is inexpensive, open-rate are extremely high with 98%, read-rate too are huge with 83% read within 3 minutes of an SMS being delivered and so is the ROI.




You know what ROI is, right? Return on investment, and it is quite high with SMS marketing.

As a business owner, you always look for a good return on whatever marketing strategies you use. So would you just go out there and spend on a marketing strategy that simply wouldn’t stand on your expectations?


We say even if you are seeing small results, don’t indulge in campaigns that simply wouldn’t yield strong results. But how do you see big results and also improve your marketing strategies and technique?

The answer is simple, if you don’t have a proper handle to measure the success of your campaign you wouldn’t know how much ROI your campaign is delivering and also, what changes you need to make for your future marketing campaigns?


ROI In SMS Marketing

Calculating the ROI for your SMS campaign is simple. Pay a little more attention to your data, establish goals for the campaign and formalize the metrics tracked during the campaign.


What Metrics You Ask? Here Goes…



Delivery Rate – The percentage of texts that are actually delivered from those you sent.

Open Rates – This allows you to know how many texts were open.

Response Rate – If the message required a response how did it go?

Offers Used – This is also easy to track, check how many users took advantage of the offer.

Click Rate – Find out how many people have accessed your link.

Opt-Out Rate – The percentage of people who unsubscribed after receiving your SMS.

Conversion Rate – The percentage of subscribers who turned into customers by taking the required action.


Now that you are tracking all the important metrics it’s time for the next step


Set Specific Goals

The success of your SMS marketing depends on your definition of success. For some, success would be conversion, for some monetary gains and for some new opt-ins. Your definition of success could be exactly opposite of my definition of success.


Time To Calculate Your ROI

Add the cost of your campaign plan and if you are using some other platform for ads then add that too. Now with the help of analytics calculate your return on investment to see how successful your SMS marketing campaign is.



And, if you think you could do better and are looking for ways, take a cue from these 4 marketing campaigns that delivered some serious ROI.



To promote their new high efficient (HE) laundry detergent, Tide launched a text messaging campaign wherein the consumers got a chance to win a year of Tide HE for free by joining the text messaging campaign.

By subscribing to the campaign, consumers received laundry tips, stain solutions, and special offers sent directly to their mobile phones via SMS.


The campaign was extremely successful generating 48,000+ new SMS subscribers.



Within one year of launching their mobile loyalty program, this national steakhouse chain accumulated 60,000+ new subscribers that received location-specific offers and alerts.

They customized the notification experience by offering customers the choice of receiving notifications via email, SMS, or both.


Texas Roadhouse experienced a 17% redemption rate for the sign-up offer and only 2.3% of the list opted out after the offer was redeemed.



Embracing both SMS marketing and geotagging in one campaign, the high-end beauty chain Kiehl’s saw a dramatic increase in redemption and purchase rates.

Kiehl’s asked interested participants to text a message to their shortcode and then every month for the next six months they sent three location-based text messages.


During that six-month pilot program, 90% of the customers that received texts made an in-store purchase.



During a 15 month period, Pizza Hut set up geofence locations within a half-mile radius of each of their 340 Pizza Hut locations.

It simply meant that when their existing customers were within a half-mile of any Pizza Hut location, they would receive an SMS promotion on their mobile phone.


The SMS campaign was found to be on an average 142% more efficient in increasing incremental sales than other channels. 4.4 times more effective than TV ads and 2.6 times more effective than online ads.


We’d love to know and share insights with our customers how your SMS marketing campaign delivered some serious ROI. Mail us your campaign details and we’d be happy to publish it here.

Till then, happy messaging 🙂

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Top 5 Strategies for SMS Marketing to Follow in 2018

13 tactics to use SMS communication effectively

The world of marketing is one that is continuously changing, developing, and adapting. It is vital for all kinds of businesses, small or large to stay updated and embrace fresh channels, strategies, and techniques to keep loyal customers engaged and attract new customers.


SMS is still a powerful channel of marketing and can be very relevant to marketing in 2018.


Why SMS?


SMS are sent directly to consumers through their mobile phones. As such they are personal and delivered within seconds after sending.


Plus, the average opening rate of SMS as per research is 99%. In fact, 97% of messages are read within 15 minutes of delivery. As such, the majority of marketers consider SMS as crucial to their business.


Strategies that would benefit marketers in 2018:


1. Building Traffic on Websites


While sending SMS to customers, you can incorporate links to your website, which encourages the latter to visit your website. Because of the high response rate to SMS, it is likely that consumers will click on the link. In case, consumers connect to your website; they are more likely to explore your company and its offers. This may lead to positive outcomes like subscriptions to your newsletter or even sales of products.


2.Use of Versatile Content


Many companies in the past have settled down to a regular format of content. But now customers have expectations that marketers use all kinds of channels and develop tailored content.  Among many channels of marketing like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, SMS is one channel in which customers are growing interested, hugely. SMS can play two roles in 2018: for starters, it can be used as a direct channel of marketing, and secondly, it can support marketing elsewhere on the net permitting direct linking of customers from an SMS to an app or website.





3. Personalization


There are numerous ways to understand your customers like their demographics, age, interests, hobbies, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Many companies have access to this data but do not know how to use it. In 2018, marketers can use such data to send personalized messages to customers. Wish them on birthdays or send a reminder of a sales event near their location. This boils down to using valuable data to forge a personal connection and enhance recall of brand.


4. Demand for Off-Screen Experiences


There is more demand by consumers for experiences that take place away from computer screens. SMS marketing is a cheaper and technologically simple alternative to online apps or sites. SMS remains a unique and personal channel of communication, which is a good alternative to computer-based channels.


5. Customer Feedback


The channel of SMS marketing can be used to garner customer feedback. You can run a poll or survey to gain knowledge about opinions of customers.  Response to SMS takes an average of only 90 seconds. Hence, SMS is the best medium to understand if the customer is happy with your service or product. You can use such customer feedback to guide you to improve services and products.


Overall, SMS marketing is highly effective when integrated with other channels of marketing like e-mail marketing or mobile apps. It will continue to be an indispensable part of your marketing strategy in 2018.


But the companies need a reliable bulk sms pack provider like MSG91, which is engaged in providing marketing services like bulk SMS and helps in sending SMS via world’s best reseller panel and a robust mechanism. So, join hands with MSG91 and let us help you expand the reach of your business!

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A Hyderabad-based Startup is connecting Hostels and Tenants on a Single Platform

Joey Rooms uses MSG91 for communication

Hostels and PGs: A secure and affordable accommodation


Going to a new city for work, studies or just a trip means one needs to find a comfortable and secure accommodation without burning a hole in the pocket. While finding such an accommodation is not everyone’s cup of tea. PGs and Hostels are the places where could stay comfortably and securely with spending just a small amount. But unlike hotels, one has to search for them thoroughly in different areas, and being a newbie in the city adds on to the problem.

To solve this problem, Hyderabad based JoeyRooms have come up with an innovative idea where you need not pay bigger amounts to fancy hotels for a secure and comfortable accommodation. Rather you could find a could accommodation which is secure, comfortable, homely as well as fits well in your pocket, via Joeyrooms.


The user gets to choose from a fleet of PGs and Hostels in the desired Location with the one minute PG Locator. Joeyrooms website acts as a platform where PGs and Hostels could register themselves and update their details from time to time.



MSG91 for startups (Joey Rooms)


The user could give reviews, select PGs based on the reviews, location and the services provided to them. In its initial stage, Joeyrooms offers the PGs and Hostel accommodation only for Bengaluru  and Hyderabad, but are planning to soon expand their services to other cities across India.


How they built a secure and reliable service with real-time robust communication.


As soon as a User signs up, they get a verification code on the number they have provided while filling up the Signup form. The user is kept in sync every time they opt to rent a property with message alerts. The entire communication such as the updates, PG owner details, OTPs, Verification codes, Offers and other information is communicated via SMS using MSG91 SMS Gateway services.


Joey Rooms uses MSG91 for communication

The Communication process remains robust, reliable, secure and real-time making the renting portal a big hit both among the PG owners and the Tenants. A proper database of both the tenants and PG owners is maintained which plays a key role in the communication with the help of the Excel Addon. Here the API directly fetches the data from the database with the help of Excel plugin, saving time and energy and preventing human errors.


With such a robust and reliable communication system JoeyRooms is able to make a mark in the industry raising standards of customer satisfaction paving their way for further expansions.

Goutham, Founder JoeyRooms says “MSG91 has helped us in establishing and maintaining a robust end-to-end communication with our users, helping us to keep in constant touch with them. While the Excel plugin has been a true time-saver by picking up the contacts straight away from the database.”


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