Cricket fever in India

World Cup Fever in India – How Brands Are Using SMS

Cricket, Bollywood and Music drive Indians crazy, no matter wherever they are. According to the Zenith Global Advertising Expenditure Forecasts driven by the general elections, cricket world cup and Indian Premier League, the expected rise of advertising spends of the country in 2019 is 15% to ₹ 72,169 crore.

Cricket fever has gripped the entire nation and that’s why marketers are leaving no stone unturned to capitalise on the World Cup mania.

According to the Sportcal (a sports market intelligence company), ICC Cricket World Cup is the third biggest stand-alone world championship in any sport just below Football and Rugby.

One of the most lucrative and highly watched sport, Cricket World Cup in India is:

  • Generating about £400 million for the ICC in broadcasting rights; the 2019 competition features 10 teams.
  • At 46 days, the Cricket World Cup is the longest in any sport. By guaranteeing India at least 9 matches in a round-robin format, the structure is tailored to maximise the ICC’s revenue.
  • The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has seen 315 million domestic viewers tuning to the Star India network.
  • According to the Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC), television viewership impression for the tournament has been 182.7 million. 

Britannia, Uber and Coca-cola are using SMS to promote their brands and you should too

Britannia Khao World Cup Jao – SMS the promo code and win tickets


Britannia khao world cup jao


Britannia’s cricket World Cup campaign from the 90s has made a comeback in the 2019 Cricket World Cup in England. 

The promotion is set to offer experiences and rewards to millions of people who will SMS the promo code written on the pack.

Uber Karo World Cup Chalo – Take rides or order food, SMS and get closer to the stadium


Uber karo world cup chalo


Taking a few Uber rides or ordering on Uber Eats, can get you closer to a stadium in England.

With every Uber ride you take or order food at Uber Eats you stand to earn ‘runs’. Collect a certain number of runs, and you can qualify to win a ‘match package’ chance, among other prizes. The winners are being informed via SMS.

Coca Cola SMS Route – SMS the unique code

Send the unique code printed behind the labels of the PET bottles via SMS.

Yet another scratch-card-and-win-a trip campaign, but we live in a digital age where consumers don’t scratch, but scan or SMS.  And for that, Coke has launched special PET bottles with 14-digit unique codes under labels.

Messaging the right code will find you in a jet plane headed for Heathrow. 

Hurry, capitalize on the Nation’s heartthrob 

The excitement surrounding the World Cup is unlike any other event and by looking at the past matches, this World Cup promises to get exciting by the day.

Offering an incredible marketing opportunity not only for businesses within its host country but across the globe, sectors such as Travel, Finance, Hospitality, Merchandising, FMCG and more are to benefit from the worldwide phenomenon.

Take a cue from mega-brands and think about how your business can capitalize on one of the biggest marketing opportunity.

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