Not possible for you to hit API directly? Cannot access panel due to security concern? You can still use email to send SMS!

How to Send SMS via Email?

Step 1

Identify SMS recipient

Send Bulk SMS using MSG91

Step 2

Add following email content

Mandatory Parameters

Authkey : Authentication key (this key is unique for every user)

Mobiles : Keep numbers in international format (with country code)

Message : Message content to send Sender : Receiver will see this as sender’s

ID Route : Route 1 for promotional & route 4 for informative

Send Bulk SMS using MSG91

Step 3

Send emails to [email protected] and all your emails sent on this address will be delivered as SMS.

Send Bulk SMS using MSG91

Add SMS function to your emails

Custom Sender ID

Your text represents your brand name as your Sender ID.

Deliver SMS

Independent of email platform – Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail.

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