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As a marketing professional you might recognize what changes automation in marketing can bring to your marketing campaign. However, considering the limited number of marketers using automation, only a few genuinely understand how automation can change their marketing game.

Well, it comes as no surprise as automation is perplexing and does needs a little explanation.




Let’s Start With The Meaning Of Automation

The sine qua non for any customer relationship is marketing combined with sales or in simpler words, sales is the core of any marketing.

As business starts growing maintaining a personalized relationship with every customer becomes challenging and as your company becomes big the small challenge of staying connected with the customers proves to be one of the biggest challenges you face. It becomes difficult to manage a business with the use of simple tools and eventually you need to hire a specialist who helps you implement programs that are both customer-centric and performance-driven.

And here is where marketing automation comes in.

“Marketing automation is a platform that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage and measure all of their marketing campaigns, both online and offline. The use of a marketing automation platform is to streamline sales and marketing organizations by replacing high-touch, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions.”

Automation In SMS Marketing

Marketers usually use SMS marketing and automation as two different processes, but one is the element of other. However, they are really different from each other but when integrated fits in with the conversion funnel of a company.

Here’s an example of what it is and how it works.

A customer accessed your business by searching for it online and then decides to follow the company on the social media pages and keeps visiting your website for updates that you share and eventually some shared info catches their attention and they subscribe to your company website.

Now here’s how automation plays the role…

Just like with your company there are various buying or connecting touch points, similarly automation in marketing links to varied touchpoints and marketing channels. Automation in SMS marketing makes it simpler and quicker to stay connected with the prospect by sending them one-on-one personalized texts making communication effective. The focus remains on the quality of the message and the campaign and that happens through a collection of data on your company’s goals and the interest of their intended audience.

In the above example, since you know the prospective client is showing interest in your work you can influence their interest by sending them text SMS at particular touch points where it is bound to work and all this can be done by automating the process as automation provides your team with the know-how and insights helping you add a personal touch to the SMS campaign you are working on.


As a result of automation in SMS marketing your organization will be encouraged to perform certain tasks comprehensively:

  1. Customer segmentation – Identify clients and prospects through their behavioural interest and demography.
  2. Appropriate market designs – Try different variations like assessing how many times an SMS was sent to a particular prospect, what time slot works best, which type of SMS works best and so on.
  3. Add facets to an individual’s profile – Dispatch targeted offers.
  4. Consolidate market channels – Ensure all touch points where SMS need to be sent are well-defined for conversion optimization.

What Automation In SMS Marketing Looks Like – mCampaign

Now that you truly recognize the significance of automation in marketing let’s get into the specifics about SMS marketing. What we want to emphasize here is automation marketing as a tool. Set up a contact list of about 10 people, it is easy, isn’t it? But what about a contact list of 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 or even more!

Lots of businesses are dealing with communicating with thousands of customers every day, some even a hundred thousand.

Let’s take a look at a simple example here

Your company has recently gone mobile and you not only need to inform all your contacts about it but also invite them to download it. You send an SMS informing them about the pros of going mobile and request them to download it. Say about 20% of the users did it in the first time but what about the whopping 80%?

Sure you can send notifications to them all day long who came in for a few times but bailed out just before downloading the app. But what a waste of time and money.

But what if you have an SMS automation marketing tool that sends the reminders to the users at a particular time when they are most likely to work on the open rate or device or area making your SMS campaign highly successful by increasing conversion? Introducing mCampaign.

mCampaign – Reach the Unreached!

The MSG91 Drip Feed SMS Campaign or mCampaign as we fondly call it is all about automated follow ups and analytics. Reminding your customer or prospect at every touch point about your brand and how well it works for them. With mCampaign you not only stand to reach a larger audience but also track the impact of your campaign.

The MSG91 Drip Feed SMS Campaign is

  • Personalized
  • Cross vertical, cross-industry, cross-platform
  • About analytics and more importantly working with that data towards progression
  • Getting users to do what you want them to do
  • Delights customers by continuing to build a communicative relationship
  • Creates a deeper integration between sales and marketing platform


mCampaign is not just any SMS marketing automation tool but it is about psychology and conversion funnel as when executed well, mCampaign can help your organization build a strong relationship with prospects and clients.

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