Benefits of SMS Solutions to The Agricultural Industry

In a world where three-fourth of the population has access to mobile phones and nearly half the globe is using SMS services, it would be highly advantageous if the agricultural industry harnesses the opportunity of spreading information through SMS.

SMS alerts do not only keep the farmers updated about the current news and events, but they also help in minimizing farming risks by spreading necessary information alerts.

How different types of SMS alerts are going to help the farmers?

a)      Weather forecast alert: By getting first message in the morning about weather forecast for the day will save the farmers some time and will tell them about rainfall and when to water the crops.

b)      Transportation cost and time alert: it is very necessary for a farmer to be aware of the transportation cost he will need to bear. By getting an SMS alert about the current transportation cost and time to be taken from one route to the other will help the farmer decide which crops to transport at what time and at what cost.

c)       Market prices alert: fluctuating prices have always created mayhem for the farmers. They sell their crops right after the harvest at a lower rate when in fact the market price is high. This happens only because they are uninformed about the prevailing market rates of the crops. If they start getting daily alerts about the market prices then they would be saved from the loss due to ignorance.

d)      Harvesting alert: how about letting the farmers know the time of harvesting their crops in case they forgot to harvest them on time? A text message alert will save their withering crops from dying if they are given prior alert regarding the harvesting time of their crops.

e)      Air moisture alert: information about air moisture will let the farmers decide the need for pesticides and will help them take care of their crops in a better way.

f)       Pesticides and fertilizers alert: air and water contamination can be minimized to a large extent if the farmers know what quality of pesticides and fertilizers they should use. This will not only be beneficial for the environment, but it will also result in better agricultural output.

g)      Drought alerts: these types of alerts will save the farmers from the loss of cattle since they will receive early drought warning and will prepare themselves for it.

h)      Market demand and supply alert: if the farmers start getting these types of alerts then they will cultivate only those crops which are in demand, and the quantity of supply would be taken care of since they would know how much supply is required. This will substantially reduce wastage.

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