How does SMS gateway work?

How does SMS gateway work?


Before getting into the details of How a Gateway works, let us go through What is SMS Gateway?

About SMS Gateway


SMS Gateway such as MSG91 is a channel which enables a computer to send or receive SMS to or from a telecom network, which eventually gets routed to the mobile phones.


Gateway is a website through which users are able to send or receive SMS (Short Message Service) to recipients within the cell of the gateway, this could even be an international gateway serving across different countries. Gateways connect to the SMSCs (SMS Centers) via internet for a hassle-free real-time message delivery.




The messages written in the user-friendly language in the application is translated to the mobile carrier compatible language which would be delivered over transmission networks to reach the recipients at the SMS Gateways using different APIs (Application Programming Interface).


API Integration


An API allows the user to integrate the SMS sending platforms to their Apps and Websites. API integration plays a key role in the process of sending SMS to mass recipients via users Website or App. These SMS would largely depend upon and the API programming and are often seen in sync with the user’s action.


Here the SMS is sent from a PC with the target App or the Website which is connected to the SMS Gateways with the help of different compatible APIs. These APIs at MSG91 are compatible to different OS such as Windows 8, Android, iOS along with different scripts and languages such as PHP, Python, JAVA, XML, C#, Google Appscript, VB6, Oracle, Go Language.


These APIs well protected with AuthKeys (Authentication Keys) so as to make your SMS Gateways far more secure from any external threats.


Apart from the secure AuthKeys protection, you get a personalized experience at MSG91 with different Addons making the process far easier and hassle-free. Here is the list of Addons you get at MSG91 for a personalized experience:



This is how the MSG91 SMS Gateways works with different APIs and Addons to make it easy for the user to send SMS to mass recipients across different locations from a Website or App using PC in real time.

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