How can I integrate the API provided in the MSG91 panel?

To integrate our APIs into your system:

Video link -

1. Login to MSG91- 

2. Select One API option from the dashboard 

3. Under "One API", click "Send SMS" in the sidebar. Select the API option on the right.

4. Select API documentation

5. API document will get opened

4. You can fill in the parameters such as flow ID to get the final API, scroll down, enter the Authkey, and then press 'Try' to send the SMS. On the right side of the panel by clicking on Sample codes get the API codes in various languages. 


Variable values keep on changing, you may have 1, 2 variables, or 3 or so. Pass the variables in the API depending on the variables you have in your flow and write the variable in the exact format as you did while creating the flow (this is case sensitive as well). 

1. The mobile variable will always be dynamic and you have to insert it into the API, which is the mobile number of the user to whom you want to send SMS. 

2. To shorten the URL in your content pass the value as 1. 

3. The message variable can be static or dynamic as per your implementation.

4. The authentication key, sender id, and route will always be static.