No spam policy

We don’t SPAM and won’t accept anyone’s either!

Any unsolicited, unexpected or unwanted SMS sent to the recipients in order to mislead them is considered SPAM by us. Also, if you send messages to unregistered users- SPAM.

MSG91’s No-Spam Policy

General conditions

We consider SMS to be a compelling tool for delivering useful information, alerts and notifications.

Any registered user of MSG91 can send SMS to his/her friends, family, colleagues, clients, contacts etc. using our service.

Users are strictly forbidden from registering multiple times to try demo. One demo account is sufficient to evaluate the service and features offered by MSG91.

MSG91 strictly forbids SPAM messages to be sent from our service at any time.

Conditions specific to Promotional Route/R1

Conditions specific to Transactional Route/R4

Content that is prohibited.

Our Service doesn’t allow spam or any sort of offensive or illegal content.

We do not send:

Please understand that some industries or “niches” return more abuse and spam complaints than average. We cannot risk our server’s reputation and connectivity with operators, which affects each users profile. Our service does not accept SMS campaigns, that offer types of services, products, or content listed below:

Our Definition of Illegally Collected Number Lists

A number list is legit if the recipient agreed to receive SMS from you.

The illegal ways of collecting mailing lists are:

MSG91 SMTP doesn’t allow SPAM messages to be sent to a mobile number from our service.

Our Definition of SMS Spam

We consider any unsolicited, unexpected, or unwanted SMS sent to the recipients in order to extort their valuables from them or to mislead them to be SPAM.

SMS must comply with the following principles:

Anti-Spam Policy Enforcement

Any evidence of users not adhering to this anti-spam policy will cause immediate disconnection of user spam messages sending, suspension of the service and might also result in freezing of all money to ensure an immediate end to the violation until the details are cleared up.

Your Right to Cancel / Money Back Guarantee

Our terms are aligned and subject to modification according to laws and guidelines by local government bodies like TRAI in India

Please note, that we do not knowingly do business with any company or person that sends unsolicited messages.