Playing a potential role in children’s development, Educational institutes, makes it a point to share their updates to parents leveraging the wide reach of SMS in Education.

What’s on offer

Customized SMS with MSG91

Customized automated SMS

SMS APIs and plugins with MSG91

Easy to integrate plugins and APIs

Retry Algorithm with MSG91

Retry Algorithm for better delivery rate

Benefits of communication via SMS

Communicate with the parents’ and students using

SMS APIs with MSG91


Integrate MSG91 APIs to automate SMS
based on logic within your software

SMS Add on Plugins with APIs

Add-on plugins

Use MSG91 plugins to send SMS directly for
Spreadsheets or Excel

Phonebook with MSG91


Manage a large number of contacts
effectively using Phonebook

Better reach with SMS communication

Better Reach

With retry algorithm ensure the user
doesn’t miss out any information

Here’s how institutes use SMS to communicate


Update your students’ parents about their classes, attendance, activities, fees etc. via SMS, like Eurokids does

Coaching Institutions

Notify your students about their assessments, results, and update them with class notes via SMS


Update your students about sessions, seminars, attendance, assignments and schedules using SMS

Academies (Music, Sports, Arts)

Let your students know about the schedules, matches, events, sessions and activities via SMS to keep them updated

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