Founded with a vision to leverage the power of the Strongest medium of communication – SMS.

With the whole new spectrum of SMS marketing, businesses can reach their customers within no time at all. We are out to make a difference where it matters the most.

We are a bootstrapped company
with a


To empower developers with communication APIs to build and support ideas which mostly run on communication.

With the conception of mobile commerce and handy apps, there’s more than ever the need to authenticate, notify and verify through the medium that is quick, robust and reliable.

MSG91 is making the world smaller, so businesses can grow bigger!

Through the medium that is



We are who our clients say we are!

Sushant Khairnar

Sushant Khairnar

Policy Bazaar

You guys have been instrumental in getting our customer to connect via SMS trustworthy. Appreciate your technical support services as well. Quite responsive

Ernesto Cohnen

Ernesto Cohnen


A great self-service SMS platform that works. We have just registered, paid and set up everything online, and integrated with our products in less than 1 hour. Great support too!

Aditya Sriganesh

Aditya Sriganesh

India Leads

MSG91 has been an extremely reliable messaging service for us and has helped us in delivering great customer experience through consistent communication!

Rajesh Nahar

Rajesh Nahar


The services and support provided are highly professional. We are very pleased to have MSG91 as our SMS partner!”

Amit Sedai

Amit Sedai

Sankalp India Foundation

With MSG91 SMS APIs we are able to reach more people, even at locations where the internet is not available and has helped us in coordinating for each transfusion effectively by getting faster response and 100% delivery rate.

Ankush Katiyar

Ankush Katiyar


You guys are giving a real stiff competition, in terms of Excellence and Reliability. We relish your services and technical support. Long way to Go!

MSG91 today is


#1 A2P communication provider in India, serving 10,000+ clients worldwide

SMS Delivery

1 B+ OTPs, Transactional & Promotional SMS delivered per month without fail

active user

10K+ Active users, ⅓ of these are Indian startups

We’re making dramatic changes in our product and constantly adding useful functionalities to make it better. Btw, did we mention, we’re also hiring!

Meet the Team

The MSG91 Leadership Team brings on-board years of experience and expertise in Communication & Software

Pushpendra Agrawal

Pushpendra Agrawal

Co-founder & CEO

Pushpendra is a serial entrepreneur. IMT Dubai & years of experience in Tech & Ideation, his focus is towards internationalizing while adding multiple communication channels to MSG91.

Shubhendra Agarwal

Shubhendra Agrawal

Co-founder & CFO

Shubhendra is an absolute Finance man. A Mathematics freak and an Engineer who cares less about academics. He is the one who actually started MSG91 by bringing in the first 100 clients.

ravi dangi

Ravi Dangi


Mistakenly believed Engineer, he’s actually a sales buff. Ravi often surprises his team with his charisma and niche sales skills. The man’s always on the phone & dearly loves all his clients.

Chinmay Daga

Chinmay Daga


The Processes & Partnerships pro. He juggles frequently between the new entrants to fortune 100s. He’s always calm and manageable, it’s so natural that everyone wants a piece of him.

vipin sharma

Vipin Sharma


Mostly found in the gym or at the TT table. Vipin has a dynamic personality that makes him great at multitasking and leading all the Tech initiatives at MSG91.

Akesh Joshi

Akesh Joshi

Customer Experience

The guy’s a workaholic. He surrenders his holidays just so that others can enjoy theirs. He owns three cell phones and to a surprise, he solves customer queries on all three simultaneously.

In addition to helping you communicate better, MSG91 team is also passionate about travel, naps, good food, great friends, long talks, broadened horizons and a spirit for adventure.

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