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5 Communication Touchpoints

What do today’s customer demands? Flexibility, convenience, services and communication, anywhere anytime. It is important to connect with them to establish customer loyalty. And, for that, you need to take responsibility for your brand communication.

As a small business owner, building rapport with your customers is easy. It allows you to reach people on a personal level, help build stronger relationships.

And, to create stronger customer relationships, you need to establish strong communication at various touchpoints.

“Your customers might love your product or services but they’ll love your brand only when you go beyond and exceed their expectations.”

It’s not just the customer service team who needs to effectively communicate, but the entire team should understand what your customer needs.

Know your customer – their pain points, where they get stuck and where they feel elated – play a positive part in their journey

Customers should feel an emotional connect with your business and to cultivate this connection you will need to offer interactive avenues. It is these avenues that will lead to customer engagement and future purchase opportunities.

The 5 communication touchpoints I’m about to talk are the main areas where you need to put your efforts to turn your customers into loyal fans.

5 Critical Communication Touchpoints To Foster Business Relationships

1. Pre-Sales – Learn About Your Customer

Pre-sales is a crucial stage that offers an opportunity to qualify, win and even renew leads into customers.

Understand what your customers value, listen to them – rightly. The key is to listen, learn and adapt, but it all begins with a conversation that you have to initiate.

Make your pre-sales communication stronger by taking a cue from sales reps who always try to anticipate customer needs and to deliver on them, consistently.


Pre-sales communication


#Pre-sales communication tip: Make your customer feel valued as an individual, and not as a number; personalise.

2. In-Sales – Go The Extra Mile

ABC in sales jargon stands for “Always be Closing” but it also stands for “Always be Communicating”.

From opening pitch to the closing deal, effective communication supports every step in the customer’s journey that provides a critical link between the potential customer and the team.

Remember, the guiding goal of any successful sales communication strategy should be to provide leads, with the right information, through the right medium, at the right time. And thanks to the next-gen communication mediums, businesses today are capable of communicating through omnichannel.


In-sales communication


#In-sales communication tip: Engage with customers, make it a two-way conversation. Ask questions, respond to their inquiries.

3. Post-Sales – Keep the Conversations Flowing

We see tons of ads every day. In this noisy marketplace, businesses need to find more creative and effective ways to stand out and stay relevant. And, post-purchase communication is an imperative touchpoint where you need to excel.

An essential facet of any marketing or customer retention strategy, post-purchase communications can influence your customer’s feeling about any recent purchase, as well as inspire future purchases. It is at this stage where the customer support team within an organisation can play a huge part.

Here’s an example of post-purchase SMS communication from Ola to bring a customer back.


Post-purchase SMS


#Post-purchase tip: Balance your post-purchase communications between promotional and engaging.

4. Follow Up – Be Consistent

The way consumers spend is based on emotions, same ways, consumers also stay loyal to a brand based on emotions. And it is in your hands that your customers stay loyal to your brand.


Followup SMS


#Follow up tip: Stay connected with your customers.

5. Feedback – Show Them You’re Listening

Whether the opinion of a customer about your business is good or bad, they will make it known. Invite customer feedback to show you are listening.

Also, customer feedback helps you better your business offering to meet customer needs. It can be simple- a short survey with questions shared over SMS or email sent to your customers after a couple of days of purchase.


customer feedback email


feedback SMS


#Feedback communication tip: Feedback can help you create better strategies, develop products and services improvements. Try keeping it short and simple.


The customer touchpoints are increasing along with the mediums to keep pace with the emerging touchpoints.

SMS, Email, Push notifications or an Omnichannel approach that are usually chosen by businesses.

Adopt a universal medium of communication that resonates with the nature of your business and customers. Also, one of the more important thing for businesses is to be conscious of the experience you’re delivering and to deliver it consistently.

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