MSG91 APIs for
Global messaging

Integrate SMS, Email, Voice API with Java, PHP, HTTP Scripts. Build apps, innovation and ideas for rapid growing business, or just integrate for your team development.


To revolutionalise the way developers integrate

A single, unified API to simplify communication across multiple architectures. Build integrations faster and deliver a unified experience across channels for faster performance, more productivity and greater innovation.
Just integrate and forget the rest of the challenges.

We enable communication in your awesome products

Engineered for reliability

Multi-route technology to deliver your
messages anywhere, anytime, anyhow!

Communication addons

Configure the trendy plugins/addons
to ease out for what you want to build.

Problem solvers at service

Contact our support superheroes 18*7 in case of any query, confusion or problem.

Why MSG91 API is developer friendly for real?

Powerful sending infrastructure

Easy API integration and a simple, HTTP or JSON/XML API enables your App with Text, Voice and Email functionality. Scale quickly, whether it’s a matter of communicating to 10 users or 10 million.

Build exactly what you need with flexible APIs.

Tracking and analytics

Searchable logs means you always know what is happening to your messages, while tags make it easy to report on your data and all that via our efficient panel and webhooks.

Manage your contact and SMS campaigns wisely

Track and optimize your SMS campaign and know how your customer is interacting with your messages.

Start your custom code
adventure now

Easily integrate MSG91 APIs for Sending SMS, OTP verification or communicate across channels. Access sample codes in Ruby, Python, PHP, Java and more.

5 minute setup

Build real-time communications into your apps in a few minutes and a few lines of code.
The SDKs seamlessly connect to MSG91 global infrastructure.

Build anything you want!
Build and automate with confidence.