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10 Best Cloud Communication Platforms for Business

10 Best Cloud Communication Platforms for Business

Smooth communication is necessary for a business to succeed. Employees must collaborate on internal projects, and clients must have an easy way to contact your business and receive assistance.

Cloud based communication platforms in India make it easier to communicate within and beyond a company. You can communicate with clients and share information more easily if you use the right communications software. 

This article will take a close look at the top ten cloud communication platforms for businesses and explain how to choose the best one for your company.

Let’s get started with the list!!


MSG91 prides itself on being at the forefront of cloud communication, enabling businesses through a variety of communication APIs. By remaining committed to excellence, we have established ourselves as the number one choice for more than 30,000 firms across the globe with our reliable and secure SMS, email, voice and authentication APIs. Our Communication Channels include SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Voice and Numbers are designed to revolutionise global outreach strategies thereby enabling smooth communication, analytics and connection worldwide.

Our impact is reflected by these amazing figures – 2.5 billion API calls per month; 1.6 billion SMS sent every month; 1 billion OTP sent each month; and 1 billion emails sent monthly. Besides cloud communication solutions in India there are also additional services such as ShortURL (concise trackable links), KnowledgeBase (instant access to self-service library) and File Hosting (secure hub for online storage).

 MSG91 is not just a cloud communication solution but a partner in success. Trusted by esteemed entities like Xiaomi, Unacademy, Dream11, Indeed, Indian Oil, and Ixigo, MSG91 continues to set industry benchmarks, offering secure, reliable, and cutting-edge communication solutions to propel businesses into a digitally empowered future


Twilio stands out as a highly versatile cloud communications solution, offering businesses seamless integration options for VoIP, SMS, video conferencing, and more. With its programmable communications approach, Twilio enables companies to access APIs for effortless integration of chat, audio, and video into their services. The platform's adaptability allows businesses to enhance collaboration and customer service without the need for a complete infrastructure overhaul. Twilio's ecosystem offers a flexible and efficient solution, making it a go-to choice for companies seeking a diverse and adaptable communication stack.


Vonage is a leading player in cloud communications, specializing in CPaaS and UCaaS. Its Business Communications environment offers global connectivity through SMS, phone, messaging, social media, and video. With a remarkable 99.999% uptime and over 50 business phone services, Vonage provides flexibility for expanding businesses. Tailored for the future of hybrid work, Vonage offers diverse mobility and collaboration solutions. The Vonage Business Communications (VBC) environment spans 40+ nations, with access to over 96 international numbers for inbound dialing.


Telnyx is a creative communications firm employing a programmatic approach for business expansion. Known for user-friendliness and high client satisfaction, Telnyx offers APIs for constructing comprehensive communication systems. From basic SMS and phone APIs to integration with WhatsApp, Telnyx empowers cloud communications. Elastic SIP Trunking and verification tools are also available for adding voice features to existing app structures.


Infobip, a top-tier cloud communications system, boasts 650+ direct telco connections worldwide. Ideal for scaling client communications, it offers a full-stack platform for planning and coordinating engagement initiatives. With programmable APIs, businesses and developers can integrate any channel into their processes. Infobip's global reach, coupled with tools for personalized communications and collaboration, makes it a go-to choice for contemporary businesses. Plus, 24/7 assistance is available for teams in need.


Intermedia offers a seamless all-in-one cloud communications platform in India, integrating contact center tech, video, chat, phone, file sharing, and email in a user-friendly setting. Designed for efficiency, it eliminates the need for app-switching for remote teams. Intermedia smoothly integrates with industry leaders like Exchange email, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365, providing a comprehensive solution for unified communications and contact center technologies.


Voximplant is a versatile communication tool prioritizing excellent voice quality. With SDKs and APIs for video, phone, messaging, SIP trunking, and natural language processing, it offers a simple-to-customize platform. The cloud environment supports easy addition of communication APIs, allowing for future growth. Voximplant's unified platform provides practical programmable messaging and video calling for PSTN, SIP, and WebRTC, enabling quick market reach with a serverless architecture that eliminates the need for XML exchanges.


Kandy's cloud communications platform seamlessly integrates audio, video, chat, messaging, and collaboration into any service or app. Offering support for CPaaS with APIs, market access, and WebRTC, Kandy provides a complete set of UCaaS tools. Unique "Wrappers" enhance consumer interaction experiences through easy-to-use applications. With top-notch customer support and straightforward technology, Kandy is an exceptional choice for businesses of all kinds.


ThinQ by Commio is a user-friendly cloud communications solution known for excellent management and redundancy planning in communication stacks. With competitive pricing, access to 40+ top-notch carriers, and versatile APIs for customization, ThinQ's robust SaaS platform adapts to your needs while ensuring high-quality calls and messages. It supports text messaging, toll-free calling, comprehensive phone numbers with international options, and advanced call routing technologies. Additionally, ThinQ provides access to database management solutions.


Whispir enhances organizational communications with templates for email, social media, and more. The platform focuses on message technology and offers extensive protocols for automating digital processes. Whispir also provides contact management solutions to improve client tracking and offers comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.

Wrapping Up

Cloud communication offers on-demand access to cutting-edge computing resources. The top ten cloud communication platform companies for your business are listed here. These cloud platforms offer improved security, more productivity, and user-friendliness. Make sure the greatest platforms are being used so that your staff can operate effectively and efficiently. For more information, visit our website -