6 reasons why SMS marketing can be beneficial for you?

6 reasons why sms marketing can be beneficial for you
6 reasons why sms marketing can be beneficial for you

There’s so much more to marketing than using the age-old techniques to reach out to your customers and tell them about something they might not even be interested to know about.

From letting the people know what you ACTUALLY want to convey to compelling them to try your product – it’s only one of the very basic things SMS marketing can do for you. There are a lot more ways through which text marketing can assist you to boost your sales.

1. Broadening your reach

On one hand where Email marketing campaigns are able to reach only 10% customers out there, SMS marketing helps to reach at least 90% public, out of which maximum people show interest in the product. Your reach is therefore broadened since a variety of interested people can be reached with SMS marketing.

2. EVERYONE has got a cell phone

Isn’t this reason sufficient enough to let you guess what SMS marketing can do for you? Well, in today’s time, everyone has got a cell phone, and everyone uses messaging as an option to communicate their near ones. So why not use SMS as a mode to get in touch with your customers too?

3. User response just got a wee bit quicker

The sheer fact that text messaging facilitates two-way communication is also a good enough reason to try SMS marketing. You can easily get response from your customers and you can accordingly make modifications in your product.

4. Instant intimation about the up and running offers

Who doesn’t like getting informed about the latest offers, discounts and sales? Well, every customer does! Messaging is hence the better way to pool people to try something unique you have to offer, that too with an added discount, or something people might be interested in.

For example, being a mall owner, if you have offers running on certain brands, you can very well make use of messaging as a way of communication and intimate customers about the same so that they do not miss the chance to grab the offer.

5. Delivering information, but the S-S way – short and simple

SMS marketing ensures that the information does not only reach the customer instantaneously, but it is also appeals them. Because today nobody likes explanatory information and long lectures highlighting what you have exactly got to offer. People prefer something short and crisp, which delivers the essence of the information to be conveyed. And what could be better than SMS?

6. Targeting matters

We are saying this because today’s customers are intelligent enough to choose between products. They know the difference between what’s good for them and what’s not. Hence, giving respect to their needs and priorities, it becomes the duty of the marketer to focus ONLY on the target market and not flood everyone with unnecessary information about your product or offerings. With SMS marketing, only a set group of target customers can be reached at ease without bombarding the uninterested people with messages.

There are a lot more reasons to explain why SMS marketing can be beneficial for you and your business. Try to consider the above basic ones first, and then discover what impact it makes on the sales of your product. After all, there is no harm in giving it a try – something that is good and worthy enough.

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