A Typical Day In The Life Of An SMS

It’s 5 PM on a Friday evening – Do you know where your customer is and what they are doing?

It’s not a trick question; it’s an important question that could assist you in developing your messaging strategy as the location of a customer along with their mindset can play an important role in how they act or not, on your text.


Good Morning

It’s early in the morning and the SMS you sent last night would now be read either on a smartphone or on a tablet. A quick go through the emails and other docs and acting them on a priority basis. A sneak peek at the social media accounts, the news and other online stuff all going on while getting ready to start the workday.

Early Office Hours

Whether working at home or office or any café, a large screen replaces the smartphone or tablet and with the increased screen size, our attention and bandwidth also increase as we get into work mode.

While at work, everyone has their set of apps, services, tools that take them through the workday efficiently.

Before Lunch Break

Once all this is done, say around two to three hours after someone begins work there’s a good chance the text you send now would get the required attention and action. As the day progresses, along with checking emails, Slack, Twitter and likes between work and meetings, your SMS also stand a big chance to be seen and again acted upon.

The After Works

No matter how important the work is, nobody ignores a buzzing phone that displays a text that offers something unique. But with not enough time and attention on hand, the SMS is put aside to be checked later. Timing does play a crucial role. A reminder would do better this time of the day rather than the original message.

Buh-Bye Work

Catching up with friends on Instagram or Facebook on their smartphone and a buzz again, the perfect timing as the mood is relaxed with a productive day at work and now just chilling with their feet up. Good time for some personal text like indulging in shopping or ordering food or upgrading a fitness app but not the right time for work with trying out a new work tool or service updates and all.

Time To Step Out For Some Fun

Nobody likes interruption when out socializing until unless it’s an OTP for protecting their account or something like that. Nothing less would get the required attention, so yes not a good time to send your SMS. But yes, the optimal time to send out your message on say 5 PM Friday evening if you are selling tickets to a concert or launching an app that lets users find a good weekend party place or a travel website offering weekend packages.

Optimizing The Success Rate Of Your SMS

There are a few hours in a day when our concentration is only at the work on hand and then there are hours where we are tuned-out of work, but still not in a mood to respond to anything. And then, there are hours, where we enjoy checking our devices and instantly act on the messages.

The state of the mind of the recipient, the location, the time of the day, the device; all play an important part in how an SMS will be acted upon. Agreed, you cannot hand-deliver each SMS at the best possible timing and place. But, you can consider the scenarios and send your text accordingly to increase the reach and impact of your SMS.

Good luck with it!

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