Delivering Remarkable Hospitality Service by Breaking the Taboo of Micro-Stay

Wondering what micro-stay is? Surprisingly, if you still haven’t heard about it and if you are an avid traveller, this one’s for you.

Based loosely on the concept of capsule hotels, micro-stay is here to stay. This concept works best for guests who have a long transit layover or travelling on business or just need to freshen up and move ahead to another destination.

It is the bold and venturesome people who have it in them to bring about a change that not only solves the affairs associated with them but also brings a new wave of thinking. It is what we at MSG91 do and raise a toast to both MiStay and StayUncle for bringing the much-needed concept of micro-stay in the hospitality industry.

Popular hotel booking sites such as and list properties that offer a hotel room for certain hours catering to this kind of traveller segment. It all started with their imagination to offer travellers what they were looking for, commitment to bring about a much-needed change and of course loads of hard work bringing all hotels under one roof.

MiStay and StayUncle started their voyage with it and a lot more and today they are the leading examples in this service industry.

The story began when Sandeep, the co-founder of Mistay decided to take a trip to Wagah Border with few of his friends. On reaching Amritsar in the wee hours of the morning, all they wanted to do is take a shower and rest for a couple of hours before they continue their journey in the afternoon.

Hotel policies call for check-in at 12 noon, but they were checked-in immediately. The only glitch was they had to pay the tariff for not one, but a one-and-a-half day. They used the room only for three hours in the morning and six hours in the night but paid for 36 hours.

There’s no surprise here, as even you must have faced the same situation sometime while travelling. But did your mind start racing on it?

Theirs did and they came up with a solution and that’s how the MiStay’s journey began.

What they have to offer? Lot more than just a fresh room

The online hotel booking platform allows travellers to book a room in slots. Don’t know what that is? It simply means that you get the flexibility to choose the room for a particular time slot with your decided check-in and check-out time and pay only for that slot. Also, you will find only those hotels on the listing that are highly recommended. Isn’t that convenient?

Besides this issue of micro-stay there’s another issue that needed to be dealt with and here’s where comes in the picture.

Short-stay, short-pay, but an upgraded hotel experience

What if some couple comes up to your hotel reception asking to check them in only for a couple of hours? What will you do, will you turn them down or will you remember your commitment to deliver remarkable service?  Will it raise suspicion in your mind and will you start judging?

There’s a certain demeanour associated with couples booking a room for micro-stay and not every hotel or hotel booking portal caters to the couple stay concept except your very own StayUncle.

Their tagline says it all –  “Couples needs a room, not a judgement.”

StayUncle was launched after comprehensive research by its co-founders Sanchit, Nand and Blaze who went all the way out to know what travellers were really looking for when it comes to a hotel stay. The main issue with most was the 24-hour booking they had to pay even if they stayed for a few hours. Another issue that regularly came up during their research was the problems couples faced while booking a hotel room.

Both the issues were huge and only the adventurous could work on it and they certainly did.

StayUncle is not your regular hotel booking website. It is what travellers deserve, the very best of hotels and properties. You check into a hotel for 10 hours or less, you pay for the ten-hour slot, no more 24-hours booking, but no less than the ten-hour booking. If it is a couple that books a room, doesn’t matter if they are a localite, just show the valid ID with address proof and it’s all good.

This mindset is what needs to change and these few young guns are working towards it by mellowing out the taboo of booking hotel rooms by the hour and couple stay. And, we at MSG91, totally support the change.


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