Piyush Sawaye, July 14, 2023

Enhancing Customer Experience with Two-Factor Authentication via SMS API

In the past few decades, technological advancements have reached new heights, but still, SMS dominates to be one of the most preferred and reliable channels. As per a report published by Gartner, around 90-95% of people read the SMS within three minutes of receiving it. So, it is beyond doubt that SMS is one of the best channels for timeliness of delivery and maintains the highest engagement rates compared to whats app, email, or other means. In this blog, we will explore following:-

  • When and where do you need Two-Factor Authentication via SMS API?
  • How does SMS two-factor authentication work?
  • Key factors that make SMS a great 2FA tool
  • An extra step: Gain access with a 2FA app

We will also cover various factors that make MSG91 the best SMS API service platform. So, let's get started!!

When and where do you need Two-Factor Authentication via SMS API?

The need for robust security measures is one of the most crucial aspects of the modern world to secure user accounts and sensitive information. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS API service platforms has emerged as a reliable solution to enhance security in various scenarios. Whether online banking, e-commerce transactions, social media platforms, or accessing sensitive enterprise systems, 2FA provides additional protection against unauthorized access. Nowadays, many applications need more than a single layer of protection, and 2FA can be incorporated using various types of security keys:

  • Some codes that users are already aware of (such as chosen password)
  • Some information user gas (such as biometrics or fingerprints)
  • Something the user gets (PIN code sent to number or email)

SMS API service platforms are crucial in implementing 2FA efficiently and securely. By integrating SMS API services into their applications and services, businesses can deliver one-time verification codes to users' mobile devices, ensuring a reliable and instant authentication method. This approach is particularly beneficial when user convenience, simplicity, and widespread accessibility are vital factors. With the power of SMS API service platforms, businesses can strengthen security measures and provide a seamless user experience, instilling customer confidence.

How does SMS two-factor authentication work?

SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) is a widely adopted method to verify user identities and enhance security in various online platforms. At MSG91, we provide a reliable and efficient solution for implementing SMS 2FA.

The process of SMS 2FA begins when a user attempts to log in or perform a sensitive action. After entering their username and password, the system prompts the user to provide an additional verification step. At this point, MSG91's SMS API service comes into play bu using SMS API for developers.

MSG91's API allows businesses to send a one-time verification code via SMS to the user's registered mobile number. This code acts as the second factor of authentication. Once the user receives the SMS containing the code, they enter it into the application or website to complete the verification process.

By collaborating with MSG91's SMS API service, businesses can implement SMS 2FA seamlessly, providing a secure and user-friendly authentication process for their customers.

Key factors that make SMS a great 2FA tool

In the above part of the blog, we have discovered the need and working of the best SMS API service in India. However, it also crucial to be aware of the factors that SMS is an excellent 2FA tool:

  • Widespread Accessibility: SMS is accessible to most mobile phone users, regardless of their device's capabilities or internet connectivity. This ensures that 2FA via SMS can reach a broad user base, making it an inclusive and convenient authentication method.
  • Simplicity and User Familiarity: SMS 2FA requires no additional installations or complex setups. Users are already familiar with receiving and reading text messages, making it a straightforward and user-friendly authentication tool.
  • Instant Delivery: SMS messages are delivered almost instantly, providing a near-instantaneous authentication experience for users. This immediate delivery ensures a seamless user experience and minimizes potential delays or frustrations.
  • Reliable Transmission: SMS transmission is highly reliable, thanks to the robust infrastructure and partnerships of SMS service providers. The chances of messages being delivered successfully are high, ensuring the timely receipt of verification codes for authentication purposes.
  • Security and Protection: SMS messages are encrypted during transmission, adding a layer of security to the 2FA process. The verification codes sent via SMS are unique and time-sensitive, making them difficult for attackers to intercept or replicate.

Wrapping Up

In the end, we can say that SMS OTP API for verification is one of the most crucial tools for organizations looking to safeguard and secure their authentication system and increase user experience. By leveraging the capabilities of SMS API integration, businesses can effectively implement 2FA, reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and foster trust among their customers.
Get started with SMS API service providers like MSG91 today and embark on a journey towards enhanced customer experience and robust security with our best SMS API for developers.