Exact Information of The Delivery Report Status

After shooting the sms it is very important to know the exact status of the sms send and the exact status can be known through correct information-

StatusDocument (Text sms) – The detailed information aboust the various status that comes in delivery report while using the panel

  1. Under Process – This status specify that the sms are submitted to the operator end and are under review by system.
  2. Blocked Number – This status specify that the particular number has opt out the services of receiving sms.
  3. Failed/undelivered – This status specify that either the number is wrong or it is out of reach.
  4. Absent subscriber – This status specifies that the number is either switched off or out of coverage area, the sms to such numbers are in 4 hours retry scheme means it delivered within 4 hours if it comes out of that error within these hours.
  5. Sent – This status specify that the reports are not updated. Reports are delay many a times when we don’t receive DLR from the operator end.
  6. May be delivered or failed – This status are shown until the sms are delivered. It may also happened that DLR  are not received from operator end and sms are delivered
  7. Dialogue of VMSC has begun to be released – This status comes when the mobile number is in roaming zone.
  8. Call prohibited – This status comes when due to any reason the sms services of mobile holder are prohibited from his local provider.
  9. NDNC Error – Asroute1 (normal route) doesn’t allow sending sms to NDNC number, so all DND numbers show this status and credits are also not deducted for the same.
  10. Rejected by provider – Any kind of promotional sms are not allowed from transactional route (route4), if any such kind of content are send, they will be rejected from the operator end.

Status Document ( Voice Sms)

  1. Answered – The status specify that the calls are successful in the numbers.
  2. Ringing time out – Status specifies that the call is not picked.
  3. Voice File doesn’t exist – The status specifies that voice file is not properly uploaded (in proper format as mentioned).
  4. Busy – The status specify that the particular number is busy when call is submitted to that.
  5. Congestion – This status means that the calls are failed to that number. Number can be out of network or may be invalid number.
  6. Hang-up – Connectivity issue can result this status.

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