Piyush Sawaye, July 21, 2023

Ensuring Delivery Speed and Reliability with SMS API Service Providers

In today’s world, the demand for application interfaces that provide connectivity between two applications is increasing, and here comes the concept of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). An API acts as an intermediary between the applications and comes into the role because everything is done digitally through apps.

So, APIs provide an interface for two applications to interact with each other. This helps extract and share data within and across the organizations. APIs increase connectivity between two software, which further enhances the user experience.

For instance, we use a mode of payment on any payment app to book flight tickets, so there is an API that helps connect both the applications, i.e., the payment app and the airline app from which we want to book a flight.

Benefits of SMS API for Businesses

Now, various applications, such as e-commerce websites, use SMS APIs or, we can say, SMS Gateways to send order notifications or OTP messages to grasp marketing through text messages. SMS allows mobile phones and other devices to receive short text messages without using the internet.

SMS API service provides a well-defined application interface that helps the code to send text messages without using the internet. For utilizing SMS API service providers, developers need to integrate the API within their applications.

Overview of Transactional SMS Services

Transactional SMS is an automated text message that needs to be sent to the user in response to the interaction or event. So, a transactional SMS service provider or SMS API provider allows a device or application to send text messages to mobile phones and other devices. It uses SMPP, i.e., short message peer-to-peer protocol, to exchange messages between various SMS centers. In other words, we can say that a transactional SMS service provider allows an application server to send text messages to mobile devices via SMS centers.

Problems That SMS Providers May Encounter

  • Undelivered Text Messages - There might come cases when the text message is not delivered, which may lead to pin code failure, undelivered payment reminders, and unserved marketing campaigns. This can happen due to cheap routes, encoding, filtered content, and incorrect sender ID.
  • High Service Cost - The issue of high service cost may also lead to the unreliability of the SMS service provider. The factors may be the SMS gateway, carrier coverage, country, quality & reliability of routes, and number of text messages.
  • Poor Business Support Quality - This problem occurs when there is no proper customer support, as the error may arise at any time and needs to be resolved as quickly as possible to ensure the reliability of the API. Poor quality of customer support arises when there is prolonged or no waiting and response times, poor attention to detail, the customer support executive needs to gain knowledge, or due to unprofessional interactions with the executives.

How Can SMS API Providers Ensure Delivery Speed and Reliability?

The problems stated above that may be encountered with the SMS providers should be resolved. Delivering speed and reliability is essential when choosing SMS providers for transaction messaging. For better reliability, the text should be scalable rather than in bulk. This will also ensure the excellent delivery speed of messages with SMS providers. Texts should also follow up with Unicode or global characters. To ensure the best delivery rate, it is required to consider the filtering contents as every country follows some restrictions. Also, ensure that the sender’s id or the “from” field is permitted according to the country's rules and regulations.

The pricing of the SMS providers should be transparent and not too high. Customer Support services also play an essential role in ensuring the reliability of the SMS Providers. The executives should be well trained and professional, and the waiting and response time should be less to satisfy customers. By following up these approaches, one can increase SMS delivery rates and be on time. So, every SMS API service platform should ensure its delivery speed and reliability are up to the mark.

MSG91: The Best SMS API Service Provider

Every succeeding business needs a well-organized communication channel by which interaction with the customers can be done easily. When it comes to the best SMS API service provider, MSG91 can be chosen. We provide a fully featured API for developers and businesses to connect with customers globally. We offer APIs for SMS, Email, Voice, and Whatsapp.

Some of its features that make us one of the best SMS API service providers are-

  • Intelligent SMS Routing - It ensures fast delivery of messages as the most reliable route is found first. We always try to deliver messages using the business's telecom networks; if it fails, we switch to other network operators.
  • A reliable, scalable, and feature-rich SMS API - As it is available in all programming languages, it becomes easier for developers to integrate the API into the Business.
  • Multi-lingual support - We support many languages and make the interaction customer friendly, increasing the chance of business profits.
  • Personalized SMS - We also increase customer satisfaction by personalizing the messages for the customers.
  • Link shortener - We also transform the longer URLs into shorter ones for getting better user reports.
  • Enhanced Analytics - We provide the functionality of SMS Analytics and also tell the received and missed messages from customers.
  • Enjoy reliable, low latency delivery worldwide - The SMS delivery can reach out to 180+ countries with a localized sender, increasing reliability.So, it is evident that choosing MSG91 as the transactional SMS API provider would be the best choice for your business, as we engage our customers with scalable and customizable messages quickly worldwide. We also ensure the highest delivery and lowest latency rates because of the best routing. Moreover, we provide a developer-friendly API for businesses as well.