How can healthcare industry benefit from SMS solutions?

Time plays a very important role when it comes to health of people, and it plays a much crucial role when it comes to healthcare industry because a single minute delay can cause unimaginable damage to the lives of people.

How SMS solutions can integrate with healthcare industry to aid further:

  1. Reminders regarding appointment: people can be sent reminders regarding their appointment due for check-up or any other purpose. Reminders can even be set for annual check-ups.
  2. Daily tips on diet and health: daily tips can be sent to people regarding their diet and health so that they become aware of what gives them nutrition and what causes damage to their health.
  3. Corresponding with test results: patients who have gone through tests can be corresponded with their test results through SMS. This helps in saving time of the patients as they get to know their results beforehand.
  4. Intimation regarding time for meeting: people can be saved from standing in long queues by intimating them through SMS regarding when they should arrive.
  5. Better coordination with the concerned people through SMS: concerned people of the healthcare industry can be coordinated with in a better way with the help of SMS.
  6. Patients can get an affirmation regarding when to collect their report: it is better to let people know in advance about when they can collect their reports so that they do not live in its anticipation.
  7. Speedy communication in case of emergency: SMS’s offer speedy communication in case of emergency since people can be updated easily.
  8. Spreading awareness about health: awareness can be spread about health so that people do not fall ill on a frequent basis.
  9. Route information can be given regarding hospitals: it becomes very handy for people if they know the exact route to the location. This information can be sent to the people through SMS so that they do not face any difficulty in reaching the hospital.
  10. Promotional schemes: whenever hospitals organize free-checkups, it is best to let people know about it so that they can make full use of the event.
  11. Creating awareness about blood donation camps: blood donation does not only count for a good cause but it also helps in creating awareness about the use of such camps.
  12. Intimation of detailed schedule to the doctors: doctors can be sent a small message stating their schedule of appointments and operations for the day. This will keep them updated regarding their entire day’s duties.

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