Alisha, April 6, 2022

How SMS API integration add benefits to your business communication?


Be it the money transaction, sending new offers or the delivery updates, SMS API is the most used and trusted system in the world, which allows your business to notify your customers about the recent update directly. Transactional SMS is an automated message system that companies use to support their customers throughout their business journey. You must be familiar with the kind of message notification which says ‘this is an automated message’. This is what transactional SMS looks like. With the everyday growing online market, customers depend on these SMS updates. The most commonly used transactional SMS are delivery updates, confirmation pings, and welcome messages which is basically an SMS solution for business. Don’t we all wait for the ‘salary credited’ SMS at the beginning of every month? Well, it is all because of the transactional SMS.

Benefits of Transactional SMS

Nowadays, we wait for the transactional SMS to land on our phones just to get assured if the money transaction is successful or not. This is the power of SMS API that it is the least thought about, and yet the most used system. Even big tech giants are using SMS API and the two-factor authentication and OTPs are the newest forms. It’s fascinating how the bank sends you an SMS update about it after emailing your credit card statement.

SMS API offers the businesses to send and receive SMS but you do not have to go through with the manual SMS system for this. It costs way less than other forms of business communication as these are web SMS. So you do not need someone to type the whole text manually. This system is convenient as people read it fast, and it assists the customers to communicate with the brand in a hassle-free manner.

Transactional SMS is different from the promotional texts sent by the marketing companies to promote their brands. Rather than buzzing the customers' phones with unnecessary text, it provides the necessary information to them, which indirectly helps them to connect with the brand.

The online market relies entirely on transactional SMS as it is the oldest companion in the market and is here to stay for many more years to come.

Impact of SMS API on Different Sectors

Transactional SMS can be used by banking and finance companies, retail stores, travel websites, transportation apps and others. Service providers and insurance companies also use SMS API to keep their customers updated. Various data show that consumers actually prefer to receive these transactional SMS rather than opting for any other means of business communication.

According to the Transactional Messaging Consumer Report, 67 per cent of the consumers preferred to receive transactional messages from banking and financial companies. These transactional messages consist of balance updates from banks, money credited or debited updates, bewaring customers regarding fraud and others. Similarly, transactional SMS regarding retail store offers, purchase confirmations, in-store product information, flight delays or hotel check-out reminders are preferred by 55 per cent of consumers.

Service company transactional messages are liked by 44 per cent and texts like cab confirmation and rejection are liked by 39 per cent of the consumers.

These data are based on a survey conducted by Vibes in partnership with Equation Research on 1001 people. The participants were recruited via email from a nationally representative database, which consisted of consumers 18 years or above while keeping a balanced gender and geography makeup in mind.

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Transactional SMS is likely to grow its pace as online businesses are booming. After the pandemic, it is even more useful as there is a high possibility of people going cashless in the coming years and the dependency on online transactions will thereby increase. And with the SMS API facility provided by MSG91, sending transactional SMS will be a smoother experience. The API will help your business to send transactional SMS globally which you can track, monitor and deliver as per your convenience.