Team MSG91, March 21, 2013

How SMS marketing can help you retain your existing customers?

How SMS marketing can help you retain your existing customers?

In today’s world of overgrowing competition, it has become difficult to retain customers, more so because the needs of the customers are unlimited and the means to arrange resources for them are limited.

SMS marketing can help you retain your loyal existing customers in a great way by assisting in a number of things like:

1. Staying connected with them

The world is big, and products are many. It is therefore likely to happen that if you do not pay enough attention to your customers demand, chances of them switching to another product are very high.

But as long as messaging exists, you need not fret about staying connected with your customers. Be it informing the customers about a new offer or sale on a product, SMS marketing helps in staying connected with your existing customers by informing them about the latest happenings of your business.

2. Pitching the right audience at the right time

Simply informing the customers about something new is not as necessary as delivering the information at the right time is. And so is possible with the help of SMS marketing.

Transactional SMS’s in particular help in transmitting relevant information to the audience related to any important issue. Due to this, your customers would be known to every possible fact you want to convey them. And since no information would be lost, people would be bound to come back to your services year after year.

3. Implement ONLY specifically targeted campaigns

Would you like it if a certain marketer keeps spamming your inbox with messages announcing the set of offers you have to make? Wouldn’t you ignore him for better from the next time then?

One of the most effective things associated with SMS marketing is that the entire marketing campaign can be implemented on the specifically targeted audience only. And when the targeted messages will reach the existing customers, they might show interest in purchasing the product.

4. Brand affection

More than brand recognition, it is brand affection that matters the most. This is because if your customers are loyal to the particular product/service you are offering them, they will always be interested to try your services, no matter what.

And the best way to develop brand affection is to stay connected with your existing customers, which you can do by bringing SMS marketing into action.

5. Response is always desired

Text messaging is the sole way that values the response of the customers and assists in two-way communication by letting the customers participate in the conversation.

For example: if you running a promotional campaign for cold-drink, and if you desire response from the users regarding the taste of it, and which content they want to increase or decrease in the same, it can be done with the due help of SMS marketing since the customers can always give the necessary feedback through messages.

6. Choosing the time of reading the message lies up to you

The good thing about messaging is that you can always choose the time you would want your customers to read your message. When the customers come to know about what you actually want to convey, but at the time you know is convenient for them, it will build their trust in your product/service, and the retention rate would be even higher.

Who wouldn’t want to use SMS marketing as a means of reaching the customers when you know that the chances of retaining them are sky high?

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