Tejeshwani, October 27, 2021

How to Grow Your Revenue with Transactional SMS?

Several studies over the decades have proven the importance of SMS as the preferred mode of direct communication between businesses and clients. With a 98% open rate, sending SMS is most definitely the most accessible and most effective mode of communication to win over customers.

Transactional SMS, in particular, remains a more convenient option for customers where text messaging with businesses is concerned. The reason for this preference is quite simple – transactional SMS, unlike promotional SMS, delivers valuable and critical information.

Transactional SMS, however, can do more than deliver critical information to your customers. With the exemplary implementation, you can improve your brand presence and grow your business revenue at the expense of transactional SMS.  Here’s how!

What can you do with transactional SMS?

Transactional SMS is essentially business-critical text messages that remain central to the customer communication strategy of a business and play a powerful part in the overall customer experience. They deliver contextual information to your customers when triggered by their actions & behaviors and thereby provide value to your customers and enrich their interactions with your business. With transactional SMS, you can deliver:

Important updates on customer service or product/order deliveries

Appointment reminders to stay on time and meet customer/client expectations

Payment or banking information includes dues, confirmations, bank balances,     and so on.

E-receipts for convenient and digitized customer experience, booking             confirmations, etc.

How can transactional SMS help you grow your revenue?

Adapting transactional SMS can help you drive customer engagement and facilitate customer actions in favour of your business. It adds more value to your customer communication in the following ways and enables you to grow your revenue:

Optimize customer service on demand

Transactional SMS is the ideal way to deliver maximum customer support. Through transactional SMS, your business will automatically reach your customers whenever they need you and ensure optimum customer satisfaction 24/7.

Convey information faster

Transactional SMS enables you to provide your customers with high-valued SMS in real-time, which fulfils your customers’ needs and improves customer satisfaction.

Maximize reach

Owing to their relevance and time-criticality, transactional SMS can be sent to Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers, unlike other text messages. Naturally, they have the maximum open rate and the most reach. Thus, transactional SMS offers you the perfect opportunity to maximize your reach to your customers and allows you to leverage this opportunity to gain more traffic, nurture business-customer relationships, and retain more customers.

Enable 2-way conversations

According to a study by Vibes Marketing, nearly 67% of the customers want to communicate directly with businesses through SMS. Enabling 2-way conversations through your transactional SMS, thus, can be a game-changing element in your growth strategy. Empowering your customers to respond to your notifications, confirmations, and other transactional SMS will help them to rely on your business more while simultaneously helping you to understand your customers’ demands more accurately.


Increasing your profits and revenue with transactional SMS isn’t a single-step process. To unlock its full potential, you need to embark on a transactional SMS strategy that not only delivers mission-critical information to your customers but also delivers added value as per your customers’ demands & requirements. It can help you to expand the scope of customer service and facilitate brand reliability and long-term customer commitment.