Tejeshwani, October 12, 2021

How to Improve Customer Experience using Transactional Emails?

Organizations must provide an excellent customer experience to ensure repeat business. Studies have shown that companies have a 60-70% possibility of selling to existing customers.

Transactional emails are beneficial as they can keep the audience hooked and can readily respond to any customer requests. While transactional emails can be helpful, always be cautious about the content you forward to the customer.

Be crisp with the emails

The primary purpose of transactional emails is to inform the customer of the required information. When sending a transactional email, be sure about the content you are sending. Ensure it contains information only about the actions undertaken by them. Incomplete and inaccurate information can lead to dissatisfied customers and can also affect future transactions.

The subject line must relate to the transaction that has happened. Businesses may send out information about their services, but 80% of the email must cover the message's critical information. You can use the remaining portion for promotional messages.

Connecting with the customers

Nimble-footed businesses use transactional emails as the ideal platform to improve their outreach. Ensure that the email showcases the concerns that the company has towards the customer. Support the customer and assist them in all their requirements.

Another way to ensure a positive customer experience is by personalizing these emails. Personalized emails improve open rates by around 26%. You can include data-driven product recommendations that can lead to better conversions. However,  you must have a robust customer analysis mechanism to make this happen.

Consider the visuals

Do not consider these emails only as a response to customer action. Treat it like a promotional email and use the best designs. Have an overview of your client demographics and make suitable changes to the email layout. Include colors and fonts that can provoke further client interaction.

Be courteous and helpful to your customers. The email can contain quirky one-liners at suitable places. Use high-quality images and details that can induce an adequate amount of visual interest. However, you must be consistent across all touchpoints. Always stick to your branding guidelines with the transactional emails too.

Improve brand recognition

Businesses must take all necessary steps to improve mindshare. While creating the body content, keep in mind that it adheres to the values that surround the brand. The tone of the email should be like the content across the other customer touchpoints. Also, include your brand logo in a prominent position.

Never forget to thank the customer for continuing to do business with you. Appreciating your customers can help in ensuring brand loyalty. Serving customers is the key. Ensure customers can feel at ease by transacting with your business.

Set clear expectations

Brands must use transactional emails to set clear expectations about their services. It must not have distractions and send out false beliefs to the client. For example, shipment emails must contain the product information and the expected delivery date. You can set the expectations in the subject line itself. It will provide more value and ensure more open rates.

Once the clients see the necessary details upfront,  they can move on to the promotional stuff. It can help you to increase revenues from the customer. Upselling leads to enhanced average order values and drives sales with lesser friction. The promotional messages can be crisp and leverage the fear of missing out.


Transactional emails can help to improve customer interaction. It can readily avail to remove doubts about the services provided by the company. If done correctly, it can lead to more brand equity and customer loyalty. It will help if you can marry the right email design and optimized content. Then, add your promotional messages to improve revenue.