How to Integrate MSG91 API With Twikster Software?

MSG91 is proud to be associated with Twikster, an e-commerce enablement platform that lets SMBs get started with their online stores, or as they call it store-y’s. With our SMS API integration, MSG91 is now the official SMS partner for Twikster.

Being far in their reach and easy in their operations, Twikster’s main aim is to create a single-stop destination platform where everything, from setting up the web store to driving traffic to the store is realizable.

Our SMS API integration with Twikster provides the following benefits

  1. Enables one touch SMS
  2. Every client will get 2,000 free transactional SMS
  3. 24×7 priority support

The post here is a step-by-step guide, of how you can integrate our SMS APIs with Twikster.

Figure {1} displays how to integrate MSG91 API in Twikster

  • Login to your Twikster account
  • Click on the ‘Add-Ons’ option
  • Click on the ‘Notification’ tab
  • To ‘Enable’ the settings connect with the Twisker support
  • Once it is enabled, click on the ‘Configure’ tab
  • Configure> Account Settings> MSG91 Settings
  • Enter the required fields



                                                                                Figure {1}


You’ll be asked for an ‘Auth Key’ and you can get it on your MSG91 account.

Figure {2} displays how to get ‘Authkey’ from MSG91:

  • Create an account with MSG91
  • Login to this account
  • Click on ‘API’  in the bottom-left corner of the panel and ‘Generate’ the authkey then copy this authkey
  • Ask our support superheroes for 2,000 free SMS  




                                                                      Figure {2}


Now getting back to the Twikster page

Figure {3} displays how to get the ‘Authkey’:

  • Paste the copied authkey on ‘Authkey’ [2] field (e.g.56555APUaRa5a4eada)
  • For transactional SMS the ‘Route’ [3] should be set as 4
  • Add the desired sender ID in ‘Sender’ [4] field (Sender ID defines the sender (your identity) and the intent (purpose) of the message. It serves like the subject line of an e-mail
  • For ‘HTTP API’ [5] use>
  • Enter the ‘Admin phone’ number’ [6]
  • Save the settings



                                                                                           Figure {3}


  • Now go to the ‘SMS Setting’ tab
  • Click on the ‘New Order’ and configure your message
  • Save the settings
  • To send a message click on the ‘Send Message’ tab
  • Configure your message and hit ‘Send Message’ button


We hope you will be able to integrate our SMS APIs in your software easily but if you still need help with the integration, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Twikster for MSG91

“It’s simple for any user to send messages from their e-commerce platform. MSG91 has added value for our clients and they are pretty happy about it.”


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