Piyush Sawaye, July 20, 2023

How Transactional SMS Gateway Helps Improve Customer Engagement

A few years back, due to high pricing and unavailable services between providers, SMS services were at the stage of becoming extinct. But it is gradually seen that the demand for short messaging, which is internet independent, is increasing day by day, so operators have reduced the cost to some extent. Text messaging has a huge role in the corporate world as companies maintain customer relationships to maximize their profits by serving the present customers and potential leads who can be customers in the future. Companies utilize transactional SMS services to send automated messages to customers or leads whenever required to maintain customer relationships.

Transactional SMS Gateway/API?

Now, companies send transactional SMS to customers or leads to engage with them and properly manage operations. Transaction SMS is the self-generated message sent to the customers in response to the event or any action they perform. For instance, banks send customers a one-time OTP or pin before they buy something from any e-commerce website to enhance their transactions. Bulk messages can also be sent to customers to improve transactions. SMS API is the application programming interface to send automated messages to customers via SMS Gateway. An SMS gateway allows the computer to send and receive the transactional SMS in bulk for the marketing campaign and transactional communications. A transactional SMS gateway in India can be provided by an SMS service provider like MSG91, which the users will trust.

Role of Transactional SMS Gateway in Customer Engagement!

Customer engagement is how companies maintain their relationships with active or future customers. In today's growing world, as we know, everything goes digitally, so companies manage their relationships digitally with the help of transactional SMS gateways by purchasing services from gateway providers such as MSG91. Transactional messages can include essential notifications and alerts necessary to carry out customer engagement by establishing a reliable and trustable communication channel between businesses and their customers. All of this can be done by sending transactional messages to individuals.

Customer engagement is essential because of the following reasons -

  • Customer Acquisition Cost-By sending transactional messages to customers will help to reduce the marketing and sales cost of your business and also help you to make repeat customers out of your active customers.
  • Brand Awareness-It will also create brand awareness of the company when companies interact with customers, whether for marketing stuff or transactions. This way, customers will engage repeatedly, and the brand will automatically get promoted.
  • Loyal Customers- If companies engage with their customers effectively, the customers become more loyal to them.
  • Strong Customer Experience- A good Customer experience leads to the next level journey of customers by making a good and an interactive experience with the company itself.

How Can Businesses Be Benefitted?

SMS APIs are secure, trustable, and robust, which can benefit the user's customer engagement. It is an adaptive and efficient way to share helpful information between two applications. With the help of SMS APIs, developers can easily build strong features for customer engagement. As SMS APIs are highly flexible, handy, scalable, and cost-efficient, developers can now focus more on building two-way communication for customer engagement. SMS transactional messages in India are also emerging more rapidly as every business aims to maximize consumer engagement to achieve more profits. We have

Some of the key benefits of SMS API, which provides customer engagement are -

  • Automation - Integrating SMS API into your business provides greater efficiency and automation for customer engagement. It automates the exchange of text messages between the company and the user end, which helps businesses interact appropriately with their customers. This can easily automate time-sensitive messages, as a company doesn't need to manually engage with customers for status updates, appointment reminders, or alerts precisely at the right time.
  • Flexible Feature - SMS API helps provide high-end features, such as direct access to the service. For instance, it allows the feature of bulk messaging, and once it is integrated into the system, it automatically sends transactional SMS to customers for further operations.
  • Monitoring - It provides greater visibility and tracking of automated text messages sent to recipients. You can note when a message was delivered to the user and the status. This allows businesses to track the date and time records, including transaction details or work activity. It also allows message tagging, which means any outbound message is replied to as a transactional sms which is specific.
  • Easy Integration - It is functional among all the applications and allows SMS management from a single interface. This makes the entire communication more consistent and robust.
  • Reliable & Secured - Businesses can send bulk messages in just a few seconds with greater reliability in a more secure way. Thousands of messages can be sent to the end users with the security provided by the API Service Provider.


Businesses that have SMS API, which is user-friendly, avail various advantages such as flexibility, automation, greater efficiency, and integration. A well-known transactional SMS provider like MSG91 should be chosen to integrate your business with the SMS API. We are reliable and versatile, providing a cloud communication platform. SMS transactional messages in India are becoming very important for businesses, whether they are small-scale, startup, or large enterprises. If your business wants API integration for transactional SMS, MSG91 would be an excellent choice. We engage our customers with customizable and scalable messages quickly worldwide, so choosing us is a thing you will never regret!