10 Great Reasons To Choose MSG91 As Your Messaging Partner

Do you know the first thing 80% of millennials do right after they wake up is to check their mobile phones? On average, we check our phones 85 times a day.

Almost everyone these days is arrested in their mobile phones either to stay connected with social media or to find information. We’ve all become highly dependent on our phones. But in a way, this dependency has also opened up opportunities for businesses to reach their customers through a medium where they are always available.

Businesses are swiftly shifting towards the mobile advertising trend (which no doubt is the most predominant way to reach an audience today). But it only works if the message reaches directly to the consumer – in their mobile inbox.

The medium is the message

MSG91 – SMS Communication At Its Best!

So what does MSG91 do and how does it help with your business communication?

For starters, MSG91 is a cloud communication platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers through SMS (prominently) and other communication APIs.

It’s trusted by 10,000+ businesses (SMEs and Enterprises) all over the world for their SMS communication by companies like ICICI Prudential, MakeMyTrip, Ixigo, Mahindra, RazorPay, Godrej, Policy Bazaar, Xiaomi and more.

Before I tell you more about how MSG91 can enhance your business communication via SMS, let us talk about SMS marketing and why it is important.

Why Is SMS Marketing Important?

Phone calls can go unanswered, emails can sit unread for days, but text messages are open and read almost immediately when received.

SMS marketing not only allows businesses to reach directly to their customers but is also a powerful medium for sending important updates on time with higher security and utmost efficiency.

Still underrated, SMS marketing allows you to:

  • Personalize your brand communication
  • Send instant updates
  • Automate communication
  • Track & optimize
  • Get best engagement rates
  • Enable two-way communication

Why SMS Marketing Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Communication Strategy?

Customers want to be communicated in a way that’s handy, a way that is non-disruptive yet easily accessible. And, SMS marketing fits the bill.

Quick and convenient for businesses, they can send out SMS in bulk all at once at the click of a button. Also, they can then track who opened their messages, clicked their links, acted on the messages and even see who has unsubscribed from their messages.

Today’s time is all about staying connected with the audience and no business can survive without effective communication. SMS marketing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to communicate and connect that’s prevalent across all industries.

Know how businesses across industries are using SMS marketing to enhance their business communication.

Now let’s find out how MSG91 helps you communicate using  SMS marketing?

10 Great Reasons To Use MSG91 For SMS Marketing

Reason #1: World-class Admin Panel – Send millions of SMS in one go

Sending SMS should be easy and that’s what our world-class panel offers – the platform to send millions of messages at the click of a button.

SMS Control Panel

It’s as simple as it looks. Try it.

Reason #2: Support – MSG91 team comprises of superheroes

The team has superpowers. Fresh ideas, educating people about using SMS marketing to its optimum, and a habit of going out of our way to delight our customer to truly solve their problems.

MSG91 and PolicyBazaar

Reason #3: Add-ons and Plug-ins – Enable SMS notification in your application with a single click


Multiple add-ons and plug-ins empower users to send SMS directly from their chosen platform without switching back and forth to the panel. Plug-ins and add-ons enhance the user website or application with SMS communication capabilities.

Reason #4: Regional SMS – Communicate with your customers’ in their native language – Unicode

Ever thought why giants like Facebook, Wikipedia, Quora and many other social platforms are available in regional languages?

Customers prefer communicating in their own language.

A brand that communicates with its customers in their native language increases its chance of a conversion. That’s why MSG91 offers you the power of language. You can send SMS to your customers in their preferred language using MSG91’s Unicode feature in 18 different regional languages.

Regional SMS Service by MSG91

There’s more to regional languages than just language option. Read here.

Reason #5: SMS Campaign – Know how your customer is interacting with your SMS

Questions like will their SMS campaign be a success, Who opened the messages, Who didn’t and Who clicked on the links and from where plague every marketer’s minds quite often.

SMS campaign allows you to track SMS at every possible level, shorten URL and get analytics report of each tracked URL, also, optimally assists you in sequencing your next campaign.

SMS Campaign

Reason #6: SendOTP – Dedicated infrastructure for delivering OTPs

A comprehensive solution for 2FA, SendOTP is a dedicated platform for generating and sending a one-time password with a voice call backup that can be delivered across 190 countries.


The algorithm attached to SendOTP makes it unique as it does not, in any case, let the OTP fail. If undelivered over OTP SMS, the one-time password is sent over a voice call ensuring your OTP is delivered; come what may.

Reason #7: Startup Policy – Celebrating our journey with Startups

Startups receive up to 50,000 SMS, email and voice API credits absolutely free of cost when they sign up with MSG91. And the same number of SMS gets credited to their MSG91 account every month up to six months. As of now, more than 2,000 startups have signed up for this service.

Reason #8: Developer Friendly – Secure, robust and effortlessly easy to integrate APIs

MSG91 APIs are a developer’s delight – easy to integrate; reliable; scalable. Also, if you are a developer we have something for you, 1000 free API calls. Know more.

Reason #9: Rich Communication Services – The next-gen text messaging protocol

Set to offer a real change in the messaging experiences for consumers, we at MSG91 promise our users to bring in a rich new level of communication by graduating to the new multimedia avatar of SMS.


Reason #10: Omnichannel – From SMS service provider to cloud communication platform

From promotional to transactional to OTP SMS to RCS to omnichannel, we are progressive and cover each and every medium of your communication – SMS; email; voice.


In A Wrap

Whether you are a marketer, product manager or a developer you will find SMS critical to your marketing strategy. With the 10 reasons I just gave you, you now know why MSG91 is critical to your business communication strategy.

All the best 🙂

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