Mobile Marketing- B2B or B2C Media

Marketing meant simply promoting the product or service produced by a company. But do you know, all the reasoning behind B2B and B2C marketing. People are running like chickens without heads stamping B2B and B2C labels, this one is for me, this one is not for me. But do we really understand what is all the gaga about? Let us throw some light on the myths and the actuality of the topic for better clarity of thoughts.

Customer retention with SMS marketing

When it comes to mobile marketing, terms like B2B and B2C marketing start to linger upon minds of all marketers. All marketers should be aware of the fact that marketing totally depends upon your selected target group. This decides where should mobile marketing be placed.

By late, the term marketing has been bifurcated as business to business marketing and business to consumer marketing. Basically the division is based on the targeted group. Where in B2C marketing, the target group is consumers, the target group for B2B marketing is business/ business groups. Carrying forward this discussion we see where SMS marketing actually fits in.


The Myth:


Mobile marketing is usually considered as the B2C media of marketing. Business groups believe that only the end users or the consumer is moved by the SMSs and not the business professionals. But, we find out ways how business groups can move, let alone business.




B2B marketers produce huge profits including mobile marketing in their marketing mix.


A knock of opportunity


What does business to business marketing aim at? Moving the business people to get involved in your business and get start the transactions. The busy bees of business don’t have all the time to hook up with various scourge marketing methods.

A SMS knocks the busy schedule and silently slips in their inbox. Your message has the potential to crack the nutshell and compel the buyer. They can access the information anytime, anywhere and this can influence the buying behavior greatly.


Wide range of tools


A mobile is a very small device which has hell lot many tools to engage any prospective professional. With so many options, a user miss would be seldom. These tools are as follows-

  • Mobile website
  • SMS alerts and campaigns
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile apps, utilities and extensions
  • Location based services
  • Mobile social media

These tools will capture the user for sure. But apart from it there are so many substantial reasons why it really works for B2B communities. Have a look at the following points:


Uniquely personal


SMS is a medium providing immediacy. Corporate people have mobile phones within reach. It hits them more than advertising on any medium because you never know which thought strikes hardest. And, with SMS marketing you have the freedom of time and place, which when utilised to fullest can do wonders. Professional world is weird and very systematic on the contrary so to target it you have to be weird too.


You can count it


Measure is a big word in the marketing industry. Stats speak more than words here! Bulk Text Messages has everything, marketers seek for- they are trackable, measurable and accountable.

B2B marketers can track the campaign on real time and can measure its ROI in various ways. When it gets easier to account these factors. It gets easier to take further decisions on the campaign, whether to modify it in between or to discontinue the on going campaign. Counting matters!


Lead Generation


Various B2B mediums such as the print and broadcast mediums target branding in their marketing mix. But, these tiny short messages can actually transform the branding process into a lead generation method. Currently, the B2C market is in cashing this opportunity doubly by giving out the short codes and other ways to reach them through mobile gateways. One has no chance to miss this medium. Remember, business rests on leads.

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