MSG91 Product Update 08-2018

Here’s introducing a couple of much awaited updates in MSG91 panel. Add team members within your company, access multiple accounts using same login email address, login without password, and more.

Here’s what is different in the new release:


  • Team Management and Multiple Accounts:– With this update, your can add multiple team members to manage one company account and manage their user access roles.
     – By clicking on “Manage Team” you will be able to add multiple Users to your account.
    – You can also add multiple company accounts within your current login email.


  • Improved User Interface: Our new Use Interface will make it more easy to use and hassle-free. We have merged Custom SMS within Send SMS. When you try to add numbers in Send SMS, you will receive the option to upload a file, or use existing groups and personalize the message using custom values, as before.





  • Login via Email and Magic Link: To provide you with better security, we are doing away with passwords. Now you can login directly via email address or a magic link that will be sent to your registered email address. Your Email ID (their email ID) alone will be used to login to your MSG91 account. Login Now!




  • Your current username and password will be used only to login to addons like Spreadsheets, Excel plugin, etc.
  • All your Authentication Keys (Auth Key) will remain valid and work the same way.


Feel free to reach out to us at support<at>msg91<dot>com in case of queries/suggestions/feedback.

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