MSG91 WHMCS SMS Plugin for real-time notification


Being one of the more popular and complete web hosting automation solution, there’s no surprise that world’s top brands are standardly integrated with WHMCS. The absolute billing and support solution is a favourite amongst web hosts and developers.

If you are a leading online web store owner or wish to begin your ecommerce journey, you might want to consider WHMCS, solely for it being the all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, WHMCS is a powerful business automation tool that puts you firmly in control.

And, to offer a great e-commerce experience to your existing and potential customers you need to stay in touch with them, keeping them informed at every possible step. And this is why MSG91 brings you the MSG91 WHMCS SMS plugin that gives you the power and flexibility to stay connected with your customers by sending them an SMS at those crucial steps that matters the most.

The newly introduced plugin is developed with the single aim of keeping your customers notified, thus adding value to your customer relationship allowing you to manage your online business and client management, billing and support functionality.

How an ecommerce website can utilize from this plugin?

MSG91 WHMCS SMS plugin will enable ecommerce business owners to enhance the customer satisfaction level by keeping the clients informed about all the functional details via SMS

  • Welcome aboard! Any time a new user sign-up with your website, send them a friendly welcome message
  • Create quotes and estimates to be sent to potential clients
  • Send invoice notifications and payment reminder notices
  • Automated creation of services when an order is placed or receipt of payment
  • Set automated messages for welcoming a user, password change, upgrade, suspension or more
  • Send promotional incentives after sign-up
  • Send links and attachments
  • Setup automated payment reminders
  • Send notification to the user when hosting or reseller account is created

What’s in it for the online buyer?

With this plugin, the online buyer does not have not to timely check their mailbox as all the notifications are received through an SMS and it does make things easier.

  • From sign-up to order placement to invoice generation, an SMS at every crucial step
  • Receive instant notification after payment made
  • No late fees as the user receives timely payment reminders
  • Receive timely notification about your order and payment status
  • Get notified of the current and scheduled maintenance issues
  • Receive information when a product is out of stock, subscribing for a newsletter, service upgrade available, security hack attempts and more

All this and so much more can be done with just one plugin and that too, free of cost. The wait is over, as now you can configure MSG91 WHMCS SMS Plugin and serve your customers better giving them the best e-commerce experience.


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