No Magic Trick- This 2FA Is Invisible. Create magic with invisible OTP verification

Online Community is expanding with growing opportunities and with it, the bad actors. There are all sorts of people, playing their role, some push the community to raise technology, some mess with it.

The best of the technology must have the best of the security.

Presenting SendOTP 2.0

SendOTP, as you all know, is our dedicated OTP platform.  But we are bitten by the so-called ‘innovation bug’ so we always have to do something better than the best and this is what we did…

We took SendOTP one step ahead, where now, you can confirm the identity of your consumers with invisible OTP through 2.0 which is;

  • Faster (3-6 seconds)
  • Safer (invisible OTP)
  • Easier (no SMS)
  • OTP SMS (as a backup if the internet is connected)
  • Advance level of security (no spamming and phishing practices)
  • Customer Experience

Entering OTP manually is a tedious process :P

In today’s time, we don’t even like to enter telephone numbers manually, and when we receive an OTP SMS that goes to our inbox, we visit the SMS inbox then remember and type the one time password, and that literally irritates.

Click & Verify- how easier can it get?

Use of invisible verification while making digital payments, ATM pin for online transactions or authentication, makes the process easy and free of fraudulent and crimes. Stronger security mechanisms on any device will change the paradigm of how organisations and management work together to achieve their goals and improve their customer experience.

No visible OTP; No risk!

While contradicting the traditional methods of one time passwords, the updated version of invisible verification will avoid man in the middle attacks, phishing and other fraud activities.

This upgrade in security will ensure that no person or software can sniff the traffic at any point between your device, router ISP and Telecomm Provider.

Welcome to SendOTP2.0; Magic starts here!

2.0 is a true game-changer in cloud technology with enhanced security and speed. It sets the new industry standards for mobile verification and is intended to boost up the confidence level of your customers while using the best security features.

SMS OTP can be a procedure, but SendOTP 2.0 is simply a flawless solution for mobile number verification.

What makes SendOTP 2.0 stand out?

  • 2.0 services guarantee the OTP delivery with no delay. It requires approx 6 sec to verify your number and if OTP isn't verified, OTP SMS will be triggered and an SMS will be received in the inbox .
  • It provides a combination of security and customer experience without revealing the private information of the user.
  • The OTP services are highly cost-effective for the users in order that they do not overspend their needful resources.
  • It requires mobile data, for execution (to receive OTP SMS) if we are planning to provide it on WIFI or Hotspot, then mobile data is not a compulsion.

SendOTP 2.0 invisible verification delivers the OTP in 4x speed, ensuring successful verification intelligently while helping businesses authenticate and grow as an ideal fit.