Schedule your frequency based SMS flexibly with Cron-job

Scheduling SMS has made it easier to send messages at times when it is not easy to remember or when you are occupied with other things. Just set the time and the message and get on with your schedule.

But the major issue with scheduling is that it is a manual job; your message needs to be scheduled every time you want to send it. It all the more becomes a tedious job when you do need to send the same message frequently.

Just imagine how much time and effort it would require sending a weekly meeting reminder that takes place every Monday at 10 AM. Someone will need to schedule it every week so the text message is sent on Sunday night reminding the team about the meeting.  And, what if you forget to schedule the message? And, how many times will you schedule the same message to be sent either at the same time or at frequent intervals?

Scheduling SMS is available with us, but it is this issue of frequency based scheduling that we plan to solve with Cron-job. No matter if you need to send a text minute-by-minute or once-in-a-year, you simply need to set a job and then be done with it.

Follow these easy steps to start your frequency based scheduling with MSG91

  1. Create an account with and login
  2. Select the ‘Cronjobs’ option and create a new Cronjob

     3. Enter the SMS API URL which contains your message and the recipient details

      (to create URL, visit the ‘Text SMS’ option under the API DOCUMENTATION)

  1. Schedule your SMS according to minutes, day or month
  2. Your job is created. Schedule your SMS and leave the rest to Cronjob

Send a message every minute, every hour, every day, every month or every year, send the same message at any interval without even thinking about it twice. Set the job and see it get to work.


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