Simple marketing – effortless yet beneficial!

The moment you hear the word marketing, the thoughts that strike your mind are rigorous ways, big hoardings, loads of pamphlets, direct advertising, announcements, publicity, and lots of…expenditure. This is because people have come to believe that marketing is of use only if it is done on a large scale, encompassing great audience, which actually is a very wrong notion. Because for marketing to be effective, it is not necessary that it has to be loud and huge. It can be simple yet effective too.

SMS marketing is one such simple form of marketing that lets you convey the desired information to the targeted potential customers without using loud and gaudy modes of advertising that the customer may not approve of.

Some of the reasons stating the effectiveness of SMS marketing are:

  1. Targeted marketing: rather than forcing the product on public, SMS marketing lets you send messages only to targeted people who might actually be interested in product purchase.
  2. Instant delivery: chances are that people may ignore those big hoardings and pamphlets, but they are going to read the message as soon as they switch on their phones. SMS marketing thus results in instant delivery of information about the product/services.
  3. Short and snappy: SMS marketing lets you send the information in short and snappy language, thereby excluding unneeded details about the product.
  4. Two-way communication: people are encouraged to participate in the marketing process by making use of two-way communication with the help of short code and long code SMS service.
  5. Inform your customers about the status of their product delivery: customers can be informed about the status of their product delivery by sending them messages updating about the same.

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