Underpinning Effective Consumer Communication - SMS In Travel

Every step of the user journey from ticket bookings to on-site service, text messaging in the travel sector underpins effective consumer communication. And, there’s an effective reason behind it; most travellers turn off their mobile data to avoid roaming charges.

While this may affect email delivery, a text message will reach directly in the mobile inbox. Another unbeatable reason, SMS has a 98% open rate and it beats all other forms of communication for ease of sending, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Mobile has become the medium to reach masses, in real-time and an SMS campaign the perfect way to promote and in an industry like travel which needs prompt actions no other medium can beat its effectiveness.

Travel companies are utilizing this powerful communication medium for

  • Booking confirmations
  • Cancellation updates
  • Streamline communication
  • Specific updates
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Personalize offer
  • Entice travellers
  • Increase engagement
  • Notify guests
  • Security alerts
  • Send relevant information

But to go beyond the regular you can use the effective communication medium of SMS to send

Real-Time Updates

The London Underground provides a free SMS service with real-time travel news and delays details allowing travellers to plan their trip efficiently even before they arrive at the station. An SMS service is also available for Airport Express trains to London airports.

Takeaway: SMS can be used by airports, rail and even bus companies to offer real-time departure information.

Exclusive Offers

By setting up automated SMS notifications that offer discounts and promotions a few days before departure can assist travellers to plan their activities while feeling appreciated by exclusive offers.

Takeaway: Companies can enjoy upselling opportunities while enhancing customer experience.

Proximity Marketing

Create a virtual perimeter and when a customer enters it they can be sent SMS with special offers or value-adding information such as weather alerts, surf updates or hotel deals or holiday packages etc.

Takeaway: Use location-based marketing to attract opted-in visitors.

Text Entertainment

The popular Madame Tussaud’s used to send visitors who had pre-booked their tickets and waited in the queue to rouse their curiosity and engage them with SMS containing facts about the wax statues immortalized in the wax museum.

Takeaway: A fun and cost-effective way to keep tourists entertained.

On-Site Updates

Most travellers wish for diverse experiences and with a single on-site SMS update, you can offer them different experiences while smartly boosting your revenue.

Takeaway: Accommodation providers can boost revenue by notifying guests about in-house dining, events, spa and other accessible facilities.

Customer Verification

These days’ bikes can be hired by mobile. A user can choose a bicycle at the bike station, phone the call centre and give them the bicycle’s unique identification number. The bicycle lock PIN code is then sent to the user by an OTP SMS to verify the customer and through that, they can unlock the bicycle and start using it.

Takeaway: Rentals can be verified and made super easy via SMS services.

SMS Ticketing

An SMS ticketing service was started by Stockholm’s city-wide transport and the first year saw a sale of 4 million+ tickets.

Takeaway: It’s handy, saves operational costs and more importantly environment-friendly due to no printing.

Evoke Wanderlust

Craft effective SMS campaign by attaching files and images, personalizing message or sending regional SMS.

Takeaway: Engage the traveller within people by sending them short URL containing stunning pictures of scenic locales.

To seal the deal with immediacy, as travellers plan their journey in advance, SMS proves to be the perfect way to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and building loyalty. Also, a mobile phone has become so much more than a traveller’s camera or a social media updating device. With an opt-in SMS service, it can become their travel agent, local guide and so much more.


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