Team MSG91, July 28, 2012

SMS solutions - accommodating your marketing needs

SMS solutions do not only offer countless benefits to the users, but they also accommodate your marketing needs by providing a plethora of services.

Reasons to go for bulk SMS service:

  1. Target promotion: SMS marketing lets you convey your message only to the target audience rather than imposing your message in the form of big hoardings or pamphlets, in which the customers are anyway not interested.
  2. Sending greetings: people love receiving greetings on their birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals they cherish. You can capitalize on that opportunity and send them greetings in bulk on the occasion.
  3. Apt for reminders: in case you want to remind your staff or customers about anything, you can use bulk SMS services and send reminders to them so that they do not lose track of the information.
  4. Industry specific tips or quotes to customers: a variety of tips or quotes can be sent to customers across assorted industries. This way, people would be more interested in the message since it is related to their industry itself.
  5. Mass reach: on one hand where other ways of marketing take time to let the message reach the customers, a single message will reach people almost instantly.
  6. Instant delivery: the delivery of the message to the customers is lightning fast. So the marketer need not worry about reaching the message since they will also get a delivery report.
  7. Timing: chances are that customers may not read your pamphlets, hoardings, and bill boards. But when they receive a message, they will instinctively read it without fail. Hence, the timing aspect of SMS marketing is much better than other promotional methods.
  8. Opt-in and opt-out services: privacy has become a major issue for people across the globe. Customers can therefore be offered easy opt-in and opt-out services which will help reducing the spam.
  9. Conversion rate is much high: the chances of SMS readers becoming customers are much high as compared to other promotional strategies since the information is delivered at a speed and time convenient for people.
  10. Succinct information: since SMS’s are generally limited to 160 characters, it is a challenge for the business to convey their message under the prescribed limit. But it is also a boon for the customers since they get to read the gist of the information rather than reading a long speech explaining the product details and services, in which they may not be interested.
  11. Integration with other marketing activities: you can easily integrate your existing marketing gambits with SMS marketing. For example: you are promoting your product through newspapers by running a small contest. Now you can utilize that ad space further by integrating SMS services in that. Bulk SMS can be sent to the participants of the contest to keep them updated about anything and existing readers of the newspapers too can be informed about the contest through SMS service.
  12. Good rapport with old customers: it is a lot more easier to continue serving old customers than acquiring new customers which is quite a lengthy process. Thus, good rapport can be maintained with the existing customers rather than making an effort to acquire new ones who may or may not show interest.

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