SMS solutions offered in today’s era

SMS still stands as one of the best options when it comes to promoting a product, intimating someone of something, fund raising, sending reminders, et al. With the evolution of concepts like bulk SMS, voice SMS and international SMS, mobile business has emerged as the finest ways to reach a bigger and better audience.

SMS or Short Messaging Service is an ideal way of communicating with your users without disturbing them. You can make them aware about anything in succinct language at their convenience. Bulk SMS is different from normal text SMS in the sense that bulk SMS lets you send same message to your target users in volume so as to remind them of something/promoting your product/intimating about anything else. Whether you are running a business, some promotional ad campaign, or a coaching class, you can use bulk SMS service in your favor by targeting your audience and sending them messages in bulk, thereby drawing them towards your service. As a business person, you can purchase SMS’s in bulk from a bulk SMS provider and then become a reseller of it by selling the SMS’s at higher rates.

Voice SMS is a feature that gives your message a voice. This rich feature is generally used as a reminder or announcement where the user receives voice reminders.

SMS virtual number is a long code service for a 10 digit virtual mobile number. The basic advantage of this service is that it is accessible globally and it comes as a tailor-made service for companies who do not want their users to pay premium SMS charges in case they send any queries. This service works best for a closed group, i.e. employees, retailers, wholesalers, and existing customers who can easily get hold of any information with long code. An example of SMS virtual number is mobile applications that provide you easy recharge options by sending them a message on the virtual number provided by them.

SMS short code or short numbers are short and special telephone numbers that can be used to send messages from fixed phones or service provider’s mobile phones. These numbers are special because they are not only easy to remember but they can be used for specific causes such as reality TV shows voting, donations purpose, casting votes for a certain cause, and much more. The only drawback of short numbers is that they are available only in India.

Advantages of SMS solutions offered in today’s era at a glance:

1. Scheduled delivery of bulk SMS according to important occasions such as birthdays, anniversary, festivals, and other events.

2. SMS Solutions help the business to stay connected with their customers in general so that the customer does not lose track of the running deals and offers and gets a chance to participate in the running deals as well.

3. Bulk SMS solutions help the business in informing the customers about the products the business has to offer and the running deals that further help the customer in getting aware about the product.

4. The major advantage of getting SMS solutions is that they are available at cost effective options and can be accessed by the user according to his ease and requirement. Hence, the user will get to know about the specific details in advance about the product.

5. SMS marketing offers users several marketing options to choose from. The user can thus choose from a range of solutions from bulk SMS to voice SMS, SMS short code, long code SMS, and so on.

6. One of the major advantages of bulk SMS marketing over traditional marketing is that bulk SMS are economical to use and are much cost-effective as compared to the expensive traditional marketing methods such as pamphlets, hoardings, bill-boards, etc. SMS marketing does only save cost of the business by offering an inexpensive way of marketing, but it also provides a unique way of marketing products that ultimately results in more people getting aware of the product.

7. The customers can also make use of the White label service according to which they can resell the messages under their own brand name. This lets the supplementary purchasers believe that the reseller is the original seller of the message.

8. Bulk SMS service is much preferred by the customers as compared to the traditional marketing campaigns since traditional marketing campaigns mostly offer one-way communication and impose the message on the customer.

9. Short and long code SMS solutions help the business go global and even assist in two-way communication since the customer gets a chance to get involved in the marketing communication.

10. Marketing is effective only if the customer too gets a chance to raise his queries and apprehensions in front of the marketer and his feedback is taken into account. But if the marketing is one-sided with the customer getting no chance to interact with the marketer then the marketing campaign stands as a waste.

11. SMS marketing is therefore not only a cost-effective way of marketing the product, but it also lets the customer get engaged in the product marketing campaign.

12. Short and long code service. (Please refer above for the meaning of these terms.)

13. Real time delivery reports for bulk SMS.

Considering the above points it can therefore be concluded that SMS solutions work best for businesses having an assortment of industry specific needs.

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