SMS’s can send customers back to the abandoned shopping malls!

In recent days when the retail outlets have gone countless and there is cut-throat competition among the ones that are already there, it becomes extremely necessary for the retailers to come up with something new, not only in terms of products and services, but also in terms of innovation.

Retail-ism has become a big word for retailers across the globe since the whole idea of shopping has taken a dramatic turn and modern retail industry has got some major challenges in store for the retailers.  And to cope up with those challenges, it is important for the business to stay in touch with the consumers and understand their needs.

SMS is the only way which gives mass reach facility to the retailers at a rate of knots, thereby showing them a coherent way to face the time-testing retail-ism.

Benefits of SMS solutions in modern retail-ism include:

1. Less expenditure on high-end advertising: you can do some massive cost-cutting by using SMS as a medium of advertising over other mediums that are not only expensive but also do not give desired results. The high-end advertising techniques do not only delay the whole process of marketing, but it also results in the Company making huge expenditure on advertising through other means. Hence, at that juncture, SMS marketing proves to be very helpful.

2. Carry out SMS surveys with customers: it is of utmost importance for the retailers to know about consumer tastes and preferences. Only then can retailers offer them something new. For this to take place, retailers can conduct SMS based surveys with the customers to know about their demand and preferences.

3. Send birthday, anniversary, and festival greetings: there is no rule book which states that there has to be a formal relationship between a seller and a buyer. Customers feel good when they receive a small message wishing them happy birthday, anniversary, or a festival they cherish celebrating. SMS’s are a perfect way for such communication.

4. Send alerts about a new product or service: the fastest and economical way of letting the customers know about a new product or service is through SMS. It is the only way through which consumers get a general idea about the product or service to come.

5. Create awareness about a change in location: it is very important for the business that the customer must be aware of your whereabouts. In case there is a plan of change in location or giving your business a new location by expanding your business, then the customers can be made aware by a small SMS informing them of that.

6. Update customers about the status of their product delivery: a large chunk of customers prefer home delivery for their products. Using SMS services you can inform them about the status of their product delivery so that they do not stay worried about the state of their products.

7. More than just survival: lastly, SMS solutions offer a business more than just survival. Because survival of a business in today’s era is not as difficult as growth and development is. In that sense, SMS’s proffer businesses much more in terms of growth and development.

Application of bulk SMS, SMS short code, and SMS long code in retail industry:

Type of SMS

Applicable for

Bulk SMS

Product promotion campaign, informing about new offers and discounts coupons, sending birthday; anniversary and festival alerts, informing about change in location, etc.

SMS short code

Informing about special discounts to loyal customers, availing discount coupons, etc.

SMS long code

Collecting customer survey data, confirm order through SMS, getting information on-demand, etc.

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