Alisha, February 11, 2014

So what\xe2\x80\x99s new in MSG91?

Well, who loves mess? No one!

In the series of new updates in MSG91, we came up with new features like Campaign Management, SMS Processing Cycle, Phone Book, Panel Time, more secure API’s, Load Balancers, Quick Note, Multiple Operators Delivery, Make Me Reseller etc.

SMS Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Most of our customers demands for this feature in which they could pause the campaign, manage the SMS consumption for individual business, and much more likewise. So we created “Campaign Management”.

How it’s gonna affect the API Users?

All APIs will be clubbed under campaign name ‘API’ , if the campaign name is not predefined.

How its going to affect users who send low number of sms (50-100) at a time?

Cornucopia it won’t, but still you can manage your campaign history. For example: if you are an entrepreneur having multiple business and want to check the consumption of total SMS as per individual business, then SMS Campaign Management is the solution.

Major Changes in MSG91 Panel

All new Swifter and faster panel, optimized to handle large requests-

Panel can handle Large SMS requests per campaign and allows to send SMS beyond 5 million in one shot.

Campaign Name-

Managing SMS Campaigns with more ease. Just create each campaign with unique name and accessibility to check SMS consumption (because delivery reports are saved with the Campaign Name) for each individual campaigns.

Pause Campaign-

Pausing of campaign possible even in between a request of 1 million SMS.

Load Balancers

As expected, uncertain traffic spikes via API or panel we need something to handle SMS requests and avoid SMS losses. By load balancer, we are capable to handle and send millions of SMS, thousands of API requests anytime and at every second.

Prudent use of load balancers makes the services cost effective.

Changes to its core

Most of our clients says:

“You must make this panel stronger, robust from the core instead of working on its UI. As its great.”

As it’s execution was a big thing, we were listening them and had it into our consideration.

We have done major refactoring, optimization to make this panel 10 times robust than before; which resulted as:

  • 5 millions SMS can be processed in a single request.
  • SMS Processing time reduced to half.
  • Faster yet reliable panel.
  • Numerous features introduced to give a better experience

SMS processing Cycle

Every aspect of Life has got priorities, right? So do we, in MSG’ing. Our system follows the given Life-Cycle:

  • Sending Transactional SMS
  • Sending Promotional SMS
  • Updating Delivery Report on Panel

When system receives unpredicted traffic, updation of delivery report get queued up and therefore sometimes it may get delayed. .

*Note- Delay in reflection of delivery reports is irrespective of the delivery of the SMS.

APIs – secure than ever!

APIs are safe and secured irrespective of the database wear off .

Enlisting the procedure:

  • A request ID is generated in response to the APIs
  • Confirmare of submission to the operator
  • APIs get queued up in case of high traffic until the load balancers comes into action.

As a result, the SMS can be delivered on time with 0% loss of APIs. At Worst, in any condition all API’s and SMS are safe.

Panel time

Personalised Panel time in accordance to your location, specially for international users. The panel time can be synchronized according to your current location.


Phonebook helps in managing the contacts which makes your work easy, organized and better than before.

Enlisted features introduced in new phonebook:

  • Send customized SMS by adding more fields if required eg. you can add column for names, designation etc.
  • Single contact can be saved in multiple groups. You can also find all the groups associated with particular contact number by entering the number in search box.
  • Expiry date is the most demanding feature for Advisory Firms. You can limit the processing of SMS by setting an expiry date for user. (SMS will not be sent to numbers beyond expiry date in that group)
  • Group name can be alphabetical or numeric. Group name character limit is increased to 30.

Quick note

Enjoy the ease of sending SMS by choosing any individual number from phone book and multiple groups. It proves to be a great tool for temporary drafting a SMS/any other content.

*Note- SMS will be saved only on local browser in that computer.

Make me re-seller!

Enjoy the liberty to choose being a reseller or user, if any of your user wants to resell the SMS credits he can do this by becoming a reseller. He will get more options like managing website, manage clients which are needed for reselling.

To choose for a reseller :

  • Click on the Name (right hand side top corner )
  • Select the option which says – “make me reseller’’
  • User a/c will be converted to a reseller

*NOTE – Vice versa can be done if there are no clients under the parent account

Multiple Operators Delivery:

For a better SMS delivery, multiple operators are taken in consideration. If one operator fails to deliver sms then it’s submitted to another. Thus sometime you receive SMS from Airtel, MTN and so on.

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