Text-To-Speech: What, When, Where?

Making the web a more accessible place for people who are unable to read text on a screen, the text-to-speech is the generation of synthesized speech from text.

Voice solutions are becoming more common with each passing day as everything from websites, apps, digital books, docs and more can have their own voice now. The computer-generated speech is drastically being used as elements of user interfaces allowing people to obtain and process information without having to focus on a screen for the same.

Benefits of Text-To-Voice

Providing an option for content consumption on the go, taking content away from the screen and into an environment that’s convenient for the consumer, text to speech can be a very useful tool.

Offering many benefits for content owners and publishers, text-to-speech feature increases the accessibility of online content for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties. Also, text-to-speech facilitates access for a larger percentage of the online population including those whose native language is different from the language of a particular website or mobile app.


Text-to-speech provides access to people who are unable to read due to literacy challenges or impairment by offering them an alternative way to receive information or updates.


Make learning fun by applying text-to-speech to online materials that further facilitates e-learning in the fields of comprehension, vocabulary, motivation and even in building confidence.


Any digital content can be turned into a multimedia experience with text-to-speech solutions that people can listen to while on the go or even when multitasking.


Enabling easier management of turnarounds and priorities, text-to-speech can work hand-in-hand with a workflow management system.


Ease of communication offering flexibility to work from any place by simplifying and streamlining content.


Implementing text-to-speech solutions in any area is fast and inexpensive, thanks to cloud computing.

Giving Voice to Industries


Receive information quickly and efficiently!

  • ATM – A step-by-step audio guidance to withdraw money, deposit cheque or check the balance.
  • Weather Notification – Stay informed on day-to-day weather updates via a mobile app.
  • Audio Kiosk – A necessity for the general public to access information at places with heavy foot traffic, text-to-speech lets you change and update information as and when needed.
  • Prescription Label – For the elderly and visually impaired, simplify medication process using text-to-speech.


Turn your written content into audio!

  • Audio Books/Articles/News – Listen to your favourite books, articles or even News updates anytime.
  • Websites – By speech-enabling your website you can increase accessibility for all users.
  • Mobile Apps – Listen to it all; texts, social media feeds, articles, news…
  • Training Module – Create audio training modules for your users.


Informational as well as fun!

  • Language – Brush up on your language skills or take up a new language.
  • Edutainment – Combine learning with entertainment with audio inputs.
  • Company Orientation – Get to know the company and its working.
  • Training Simulation – Step-by-step audio instructions enabling users to follow along.


Delight your audience!

  • Game Content – With audio-driven storytelling assist players with voice prompt hints and more.
  • Home Automation – Connect your house with smart products that could update you with time, weather and more.
  • Smart TV – Let your TV read it all out; News, reports, weather notifications, movie descriptions and more.
  • Toys – Children can learn faster when they interact with voice embedded learning toys.


Stay on top of your finances!

  • Mobile Finance – Access all your accounts on-the-go.
  • Telebanking – Access your financial information with your banks’ automated system.
  • Credit Collection Calls – Personalize and schedule call notifications ahead of collections.
  • Stock market Notifications – Listen to the quick overview of how the market and your account performed.


Stay healthy with a voice-guided assistant!

  • Appointment Reminders – Personalize and schedule outbound call notifications for appointment reminders.
  • Electronic Prescribing – Streamline prescription processing at the pharmacy.
  • Health Monitors – Choose a healthy lifestyle with voice feedbacks on blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate and more.
  • Personal Assistant Apps – Switch to routine voice notifications encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


Give your customers the quickest answers!

  • IVR System – Enable multiple voices running to handle call spikes and deliver the highest quality customer service.
  • Call Centers – Redirect customers to the appropriate department that could handle their request.
  • Outbound Call Notifications – Generate outbound notifications for all occasions.
  • Communication Applications – Enhance the quality of interactive call centre and support communication applications.


Provide passengers with all the essential information!

  • Announcement System – Keep passengers and commuters informed with real-time voice announcements.
  • GPS – Drive like a local with clear audio directions.
  • Audio Kiosk – A necessity for passengers and visitors to access information from the airport and train station.
  • Mobile App – Track your bus or train in real-time and receive voice notifications for the same.


Text-to-Speech, in general, makes it easier for people to access online content on mobile devices, increases engagement and strengthens responsibility by ensuring that information is available in both written and audio format.


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