That Thing Called SMS


A lot has been said and talked about SMS and how it can be used for marketing purpose. However, there are still many additional features and advantages of SMS which are yet to be explored.

On one hand where SMS’s serve as a great medium of communication, spreading information becomes a lot easier with SMS marketing.

Below listed are the major advantages of a range of SMS services:

That thing called SMS

Transactional messages – spread information expansively

  1. A transactional message lets you spread fact based information in an economical manner.
  2. Transactional messages are template based and only approval of sender ID is needed.
  3. Best medium for two way communication and sending alerts.
  4. Ability to send information at speed.

Bulk messages – accommodating marketing needs of business

  1. Bulk messages can be used extensively for targeted promotion purpose.
  2. Conversation rate is very much high with Bulk SMS marketing.
  3. Bulk SMS marketing can be easily integrated with other marketing methods, which adds speed to the entire marketing process.

Voice messages – giving your messages a personal touch

  1. Gives a sense of personal belongingness to the user.
  2. Facilitating faster communication and enabling marketing in the quickest way possible.
  3. Communication is possible in much clearer terms as compared to other forms of promotion.

SMS therefore has a lot of variety to offer to the users and also serves as a best way of promotion. A range of features and services proffered by SMS have been discussed in detail in the earlier blog posts. SMS solutions do not just assist in carrying out marketing activities, but they also help in providing a range of benefits like:

  1. Creating awareness
  2. Updating customers about launch of products, delivery of purchased products, et al.
  3. Sending greeting to the customers on various occasions
  4. Spreading information in an extremely cost-effective manner.

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