Team MSG91, July 25, 2012

The five W\xe2\x80\x99s of SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a very good way to establish immediate connection with your customers. But simply marketing your product by sending SMS’s in bulk will not help until a business understands five W’s of SMS marketing.


The first and the most significant ‘W’ of SMS marketing stands for ‘Who.’ The marketer needs to build its target audience first, only then can he think of sending SMS’s in bulk to that particular target audience. Not all products are for all people. Similarly, not all bulk SMS’s are for everyone. Therefore, targeting a set of customers is very crucial.


‘What’ is the second most significant ‘W’ of SMS marketing which refers to the content itself. Nowadays, customers prefer to-the-point messages rather than long speeches that boast of endless qualities of the product rather than the services being offered. The fundamental reason bulk SMS’s work is because of the content of the message. If the content is not concise then the message will straightaway count as spam.


The marketer needs to decide if SMS marketing is actually needed or not. It has to be settled whether what you are offering is something that the customer really needs, or is it a message for the sake of marketing only. If the bulk SMS’s are just for the sake of marketing then the customers will not even pay heed to the message since the aim of its sending was not clear in the first place. In recent days when privacy has become a major issue for people and most of the bulk SMS’s sent count for spam, it is necessary for the business to control people who opt-in for bulk SMS services.


‘Where’ refers to the reach of SMS. In this ‘W’ the business needs to ask itself some prominent questions like: will the message have mass reach? If yes, then what would be the type of masses the message will reach? What would be the extent of reach of the message?


‘When’ is the cleverest ‘W’ amid all. It is vital for the business to decide when the message should be sent. Because, if sent at a wrong time, the message will not strike the same chord with the customers as it should have struck. Therefore, timing is the most important aspect of SMS marketing, as delivery of right thing at a right time is crucial.

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