Team MSG91, July 26, 2012

The right way of doing SMS marketing

There is no exact defined way of doing SMS marketing. But one can always think of doing it the right way – the way which will leave an impact on customer’s mind, and the way through which customer will pay heed to the message.

Ten things to keep in mind if you are willing to do SMS marketing the right way are:

1. Address the customer by his name

Always affix customer’s name to the message so that he feels a sense of importance while reading it.

2. Never disregard the timing aspect of marketing

Remember the golden rule of marketing: right message delivered at a wrong time is disastrous for the business.

3. Engage into a conversation with them

Two-way SMS marketing keeps the customer’s engaged to your offer/product. For example: telling radio listeners to message their song choice on the given number.

4. Give instant response to the customers

Make sure that when the customers reply to your message, you don’t delay the response as they will lose their interest in case of delays.

5. Don’t forget the 3 S – short, simple, and sweet

Instead of decorating your message with heavy words, use simple language. And try to keep your message as succinct as possible.

6. Use attention-grabbing phrases

Rather than using the same old phrases in messages, use phrases which will grab the attention of the customers. Focus on the usage of good keywords.

7. Remember them on significant days

Instead of sending messages to customers after every alternative day, send messages only on days significant to them.

8. Give priority to relevancy of the message

Before sending messages in bulk, it is extremely necessary to decide whether the message has relevancy for the customer or not.

9. Control the number of people who opt-in

Privacy has become an issue for people. Hence, it is important to control the number of people who opt-in for bulk SMS services.

10. Decide whether to do too much or too little marketing

Extremes are always bad when it comes to marketing. Business should settle on the quantity of SMS marketing good for it.

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