Team msg91, December 15, 2023

The Top 7 OTP Service Providers to Secure Your Customers

Choosing the wrong OTP service provider could be a setback for your business, potentially causing daily losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Picture this: customers unable to receive crucial OTP verification codes, leading to payment delays and service disruptions. The repercussions are real and impactful.

Now, let's move from imagination to a practical solution. This article is your guide to avoiding such nightmares by introducing you to seven of the best OTP service providers in India. 

List of Top OTP Service Providers


MSG91 stands as the foremost OTP service provider, trusted by over 30,000 businesses, including industry giants such as Razorpay, Xiaomi, Unacademy, Dream11, Indeed, Indian Oil, and Ixigo. Recognized for delivering unparalleled OTP SMS services, MSG91 ensures seamless integration and secure delivery of one-time passwords (OTPs), prioritizing enhanced security and an optimal user experience.

Our robust OTP Authentication API empowers businesses to effortlessly implement two-factor authentication (2FA), fortifying applications and user accounts. With our user-friendly API, the swift generation and delivery of OTPs add a critical layer of security to user authentication processes.

Count on our advanced send OTP SMS gateway and voice call API for instant and reliable OTP delivery, backed by a high-throughput infrastructure. We offer flexibility by supporting multiple channels, including SMS, email, voice, and WhatsApp, allowing businesses to authenticate users across their preferred communication platforms.

As the preferred OTP SMS service provider in India, we have built our reputation on a robust platform, comprehensive features, and exceptional customer support. Industries such as banking and e-commerce benefit from our reliable SMS gateway for OTP, ensuring secure transactions and user account authentication.


TeleSign, headquartered in Marina del Rey, California, specializes in two-factor authentication services, particularly for social media platforms, enhancing users' account security. The company offers patented phone-based verification and two-factor authentication, utilizing time-based, one-time passcodes delivered through OTP verification API SMS or voice messages. TeleSign's user-friendly approach makes it a reliable choice. Additionally, they provide services in Digital Identity and Programmable Communication, including features like PhoneID, integratable voice calling in applications, and Rich Communication Services (RCS). Ryan Disraeli has been serving as the CEO since March 7, 2019.

Nettyfish Solutions

Nettyfish Solutions is a leading tech platform that delivers a full range of digital communication services. With a focus on Bulk SMS, WhatsApp solutions, and their respective APIs, Nettyfish stands out in providing Smart SMS, IVR, Voice API, OBD Calls, and Missed Call Services. Beyond communication, their proficiency extends to digital marketing strategies, advanced website development, and the implementation of robust CRM software. Committed to innovative technologies and customer-centric solutions, we enable businesses to enhance audience engagement, streamline communication channels, and achieve outstanding outreach in today's dynamic digital landscape.


SMSCountry emerges as a leading OTP SMS provider, offering a suite of top-notch services including email-to-SMS, bulk SMS, voice SMS, and seamless API integration. With a robust network spanning over 550 carriers across more than 200 countries, SMSCountry ensures global reach. Unique sender IDs enhance OTP recognition, and the platform accommodates users' needs by facilitating the integration of external eCommerce plug-ins into various software applications like Zen Cart, CS-Cart, and BigCommerce. The array of services provided by SMSCountry includes Bulk SMS, OTP SMS, Transactional SMS, WhatsApp API, Voice SMS, Promotional SMS, 2 Way SMS, and Group SMS, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking effective and reliable OTP services.


Founded in 2007, Fast2sms, a venture of SID GROUPS, stands out as an affordable and efficient bulk OTP SMS service provider. Specializing in quick delivery, it facilitates the sending of promotional, marketing, and OTP messages. Fast2sms goes beyond text, offering multimedia support for formats like jpg, mp3, CSV, pdf, and zip. With a commitment to quality and professionalism, it secures the 3rd position among the best SMS service providers. Headquarters: India.


Exotel, a trusted cloud telephony service provider, secures the fourth spot for its reliable OTP SMS services at an enterprise level. Notably, their product nOTPTM specializes in two-factor authentication, passwordless logins, password resets, and spam prevention, enabling users to authenticate and verify transactions and logins seamlessly. Operating across India and South-East Asia, Exotel's headquarters are based in India.


2Factor, powered by Solv Technologies, stands out as a cloud mobile messaging platform specializing in A2P SMS, 2-factor authentication, and telecommunications APIs. Developed in-house, it offers services in both text and voice formats. Users benefit from real-time reports, ensuring transparency in SMS delivery.

Tips for Choosing OTP Service Providers

  • Prioritize proven reliability for OTP delivery.
  • Choose a provider with a broad global network.
  • Opt for advanced security measures like encryption and multi-factor authentication.
  • Select a provider capable of scaling services with your business growth.
  • Look for easy integration options with existing systems and applications.
  • Prefer providers supporting multiple channels (SMS, email, voice) for flexibility.
  • Consider a pricing model aligned with your business needs.
  • Choose a provider with responsive customer support for issue resolution.
  • Prioritize providers offering comprehensive reporting and analytics tools.
  • Ensure adherence to industry regulations and data protection standards.
  • Opt for a provider offering a simple and user-friendly OTP verification process.
  • Consider providers developing services in-house for control and customization.

Wrapping Up 

Choosing the right OTP service provider is paramount for ensuring secure and reliable user authentication.  You can choose from the list of top 7 best OTP service providers in India listed in this blog. 

For more information about SMS OTP and mobile verification API, contact MSG91 right away!