Uncover Detailed Information – Tracking SMS

Do you think your business would benefit if you have detailed information about the text messages you send to your customers – content, delivery, open-rate, click rate, location, device, conversation, URL, user action and more? You got that right, it surely will!

While our ability to track important metrics has increased ten folds in the recent years, SMS is one channel that still lacks behind when it comes to SMS tracking and we are here to bridge the gap between SMS and tracking.

Ever wondered what your SMS referrals do after they’ve clicked on your SMS?

Once you’ve pressed the send button tracking how your campaign is performing becomes a tricky affair, but with a single link in your SMS, you can not only drive your recipients to richer content but also be able to track how your campaign is faring.

Everyone these days is looking for data and statistics, but with SMS tracking you get to uncover detailed information as it enables you to see what your recipients are doing on your application or website after clicking through your link.

When doing an SMS campaign, tracking its performance and measuring conversion rate becomes useful to optimize the flow and processes.

Perhaps you might be collecting leads or want to push customers to an online ticket page for an upcoming event or boost sales on your web store, whatever the goal of your SMS campaign, it’s important to find out how well it is working for you.

Once the tracking is in place, you can use it to explore customer engagement, user behaviour, revenue generated and so much more. Simply by knowing how your customers are engaging with your SMS can provide you with valuable data that can be used to plan future campaigns.

Delivery Status

An SMS tracker gives you real-time information whether your SMS is queued, sent or undelivered or delivered successfully.

Message Content

The content of a message (characters, emoji, pictures) dictates how it is sent and the related encoding mechanism used. The SMS tracker allows you to learn about how the content was encoded. It can also help you to retrieve sentiment and keyword analysis.

Conversation Tracking

HTTP cookies even let you track SMS conversations between two specific mobile numbers.

User Actions

While the delivery report and content to offer a wealth of information but undoubtedly the most useful information comes from user feedback.

  • A user receives an OTP via SMS for entering into a website or an app
  • A user enters a temporary password
  • A user replies to an SMS
  • A user clicks on a unique link contained in a message

Shortened URL – Manipulate URL to see certain traffic

We all understand the importance of a tracked URL, but a URL in an SMS? An SMS has character limit – 160 to be precise, so if you insert an URL then there will be limited or no space left to insert your message, but not with shortened URL.

When you append tracking to the end of the URL and stick them in, it ensures the tracking persists on landing. Also, URL shortener performs a lot more tracking functions than just shortening. A web link in an SMS is a great way to get people onto the website from an offline source. Furthermore, tracking such a link opens up possibilities for reporting on an SMS campaign, possibly mapping revenue generated and therefore an ROI too.

Use the campaign URL builder to see how your SMS campaigns are working and how your customers are engaging with your SMS.


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