Use of SMS marketing over other modes of marketing

Although there are countless ways of marketing your product, SMS marketing still stands as the most accurate and ideal way of marketing.

1) Over email marketing

SMS marketing is the most convenient way of conveying the information to potential customers. On one hand where chances of promotional mails getting read are very less, people can’t ignore text messages. Hence, SMS marketing has an edge over email marketing.

2) Over social media marketing

It is not necessary that every individual would be using a smart phone on which he has access to the social media. Therefore, chances of your information reaching the ultimate customers are very slim. SMS marketing is therefore more effective since people have access to their mobile phones 24/7.

3) Over face-to-face marketing

In face-to-face or personal marketing, much time is consumed and chances are that potential buyers may not convert into actual buyers. It is therefore a tedious process. SMS marketing consumes no time at all and offers fast and reliable services to the customers.

4) Over search engine marketing

Search engine marketing or SEO is majorly based on search engine optimization techniques and calculates the effectiveness of promotional campaign by relying on pay per click promotion. Although an effective way of marketing in the modern scenario, SMS marketing has a lot more potential and a better reach.

5) Over traditional marketing

Traditional marketing is by and large done using various tools such as pamphlets, hoardings, bill-boards, etc. On one hand where traditional marketing is one-way where the marketing strategies and tools are simply imposed on the customer, SMS marketing encourages two-way communication in which customers get to respond to the messages through short code and long code SMS service.

Considering the above, it can be concluded that SMS marketing has so much more to offer to the customers as well businesses with a multitude of SMS solutions such as bulk text sms, voice sms, short code and long code SMS. Hence, SMS marketing is any day better over any other mode of marketing.

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