What Does it Take to Create Something Awesome

Ideas & Implementation. That’s it and of course बहुत मेहनत.

Pushpendra (Our Founder), from the beginning wondered if we can create a website on a Google Doc? Yes, you read it right!

Date- Feb 5, 2020 | Location- MSG91 HQ

The conversation started & ended in 1 line, so typical Pushpendra

Pushpendra - "I want to design a  website which I can upgrade every 10-15 days
Alisha & Vaishali  - What, how is that possible?
Pushpendra - We will make it in a Google doc format; easy to update, easy to edit”

In our head, Alisha and I knew the word EASY was the most difficult part :P

His vision for design has always been the same- simple and minimal. We took that path and made sure we keep it EASY, UNDERSTANDABLE and RAW.

We Found Creativity In Simplicity

Nothing elaborate, just 3 pillars to success

  1. Raw: Perfection doesn’t exist and we don’t want to strive for it
  2. Genuine: Say what we really mean
  3. Adaptable: Design that could be changed/ upgraded regularly

    Each and every illustration created holds a thought behind it- and to get them right we combined a team of random people and shared our thoughts with them from 10-year-old school children to design professionals, we knew where to put our focus and how we wanted the illustrations to look like; we brainstorm like crazy :0

Our Illustration and Design Denotes

Again 3 pointers. Sometimes I wonder is 3 Pushpendra’s lucky number :P (Even Walkover runs on 3 pillars- Design, Technology, Culture)

  1. Grounded and consistent
  2. Simple is creative
  3. Perfection does not exist

Multiple themes, patterns, whether they fit in or stood out; multiple rounds of designing with distinct elements, creating and then rubbishing and then recreating...in the end, we settled for the ones that were aligned with our vision of offering simplicity and genuineness.

Working on the same design for days and reworking on it became the new normal for us :P

And we promised ourselves a vacation treat once everything is in place and up.


MSG91 believes in experimenting and evolving and that is why what you see now is way different than the previous one.

We have innovated, experimented and evolved with years and we are proud to call ourselves as a Communication platform.
With 10+ channels and an omnichannel platform to make your communication game stronger.

We started out with SMS and now we have a whole new wide spread of communication channels, we have mastered SMS, Voice, RCS, Email and are constantly upgrading with various other channels.

With the change in our look and feel, we have evolved more as a brand than ever before.

This new look embodies so much of what is important to the MSG91 team- a devotion of creativity, love for simplicity and our quest for sustainability. (again 3, what’s with it?)

Actually it’s Pushpendra, it’s his vision and creativity that flows.

Also, because he wishes to turn everything ordinary into an extraordinary experience, and also because of the crazy and wonderful team that worked behind it- Alisha, Sunny, Unnati, Yuktika, Pallavi (It is what it is because of them) and

Your’s truly Vaishali.

Now taking a bow ;)

The website is just the beginning of MSG91 becoming a CPaaS leader, there is so much more to come, Promise :)