How To Install And Send SMS With MSG91 SMS Extension For WooCommerce

How To Install And Send SMS With MSG91 SMS Extension For WooCommerce

So here’s another one for your convenience – MSG91 WooCommerce Plugin.

The e-commerce sector solely relies on customer satisfaction and with the MSG91 WooCommerce plugin, sellers can now stay connected with their customers and enjoy an increased level of customer satisfaction by regularly updating them about product orders, status, shipping details, cancellation request and much more via the swiftest mode of communication, SMS.



The free plugin available for WordPress, WooCommerce helps convert your website into an e-commerce store and the MSG91 WooCommerce plugin helps in extending the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin by authenticating your customers and sending them updates.

The WooCommerce SMS plugin allows you to send SMS automatically at all levels, at all times, right from your own e-commerce website via the fully customizable, open-source platform built for WordPress.

Just as the WooCommerce plugin is fully customizable, so is the MSG91 WooCommerce plugin allowing you options of

  1.       OTP during Login
  2.       Mobile number verification during Signup
  3.       Change password using OTP
  4.       Custom sender ID
  5.       Route selection for sending SMS
  6.       Order status
  7.       Customized messages
  8.       Variables available and so much more

Now easily send SMS notifications to your new, existing and potential customers from your WordPress platform.

This post here is the step-by-step guide of how you can integrate our WooCommerce SMS extension with your website.

Enjoy one-touch enabled bulk SMS extension API with the benefits of MSG91 API integration:

  • One touch SMS API enabled
  • Every client will get 5000 free transactional SMS (sponsored by MSG91)
  • 18*7 priority support
  • Free WooCommerce extension

How to install MSG91 add-on in WooCommerce?

Go to the link- MSG91 SMS Extension

  • Download the Plugin
  • Install the Plugin by uploading it to the Plugins Section

Now you’ve successfully installed MSG91 bulk SMS WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress website that requires AuthKey for sending SMS. For getting Authkey, you have to create an account on MSG91. Create an account and login in MSG91 panel. After login you have to copy AuthKey.For more details kindly visit

  • Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘SMS Settings’.
  • Change the ‘Settings’ as per your flexibility and enter your API key generated from MSG91.
  • Write the shortcode [twy_otp_ini] to the ‘New Page’ wherever you want your plugin to be displayed.
  • You can change your default ‘My Account Page’ to the newly created ‘Account Page’ by changing it in ‘WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts > My Account Page’.

Now configure the MSG91 SMS extension and then you’ll able to send SMS.

  • Select route [1], if you want to send transactional SMS then you’ve to select the transactional route. For more information kindly visit
  • Add the desired sender ID in ‘Sender’ field (Sender ID defines the sender (your identity) and the intent (purpose) of the message. It serves as the subject line of an e-mail. For more details on Sender ID, you can visit
  • Message log will create logs for SMS delivery
  • Configure Messages: Add your ‘Order Status’ Yes/No for which you want to set the SMS
  • Type the SMS content related to your order status in the ‘Message’ box, you can use TAGs for creating customizable SMS content
  • Click on the ‘Save Config’ tab to save the settings

Now, whenever you’ll change the order status then your system will send configured SMS content.


We hope that you will now be able to integrate our SMS APIs in your WordPress website easily. But if you still need help with the WooCommerce plugin integration, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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