Your OTP Will Not Fail; Come What May!

Authenticating users over the phone or on a website is one of the most important factors for any business. When websites/application want to authenticate a user, they simply create a token or random code and send one-time-password (OTP) to the user’s registered mobile number. Once the user receives the token or the randomly generated code, they enter the details and authenticate themselves. Sounds like a cakewalk, doesn’t it?

But, there was a time when one-time-passwords were notorious in India for delays or non-delivery.

Failed OTP can be frightening, simply because all it takes for a user to leave a website is 8 seconds!

Sensing this big gap in the market for high-priority SMS or what we call OTP, we grabbed the opportunity with both hands and voila ‘SendOTP’ was conceived and yes, we did make it a cakewalk.

Conceiving it was simple, but it was the execution and development of a fool-proof product that was challenging. We wanted to give our users a comprehensive solution to the persisting problem of delays and non-delivery and equally important, authenticating the user through a platform that was easy-to-use. A platform where we generate and deliver OTP to your clients through a dedicated high-priority route!

After many arguments, much discussion and many failed attempts, SendOTP arrived with a promise. A promise of

  • Guaranteed delivery of OTP
  • Make the integration of 2FA (two-factor authentication) easy for developers
  • Reduce the infrastructure cost involved in the process
  • Provide the best security for the user

Welcome to SendOTP, your one-shot OTP!

A one-time-password generating, delivering and verifying mechanism that by simply copy-pasting a couple of codes allows users to integrate the two-factor authentication and everything from generating, delivering and verifying the one-time-password is done by SendOTP (remember we said cakewalk).


2FA Services by MSG91
2FA Services by MSG91


But what makes SendOTP stand out is not its simplicity, but it being foolproof from day one – a Voice Call backup, so there’s no need for a Plan B. Also, did we mention the Voice Call comes at no extra cost. You got that right, in the event of non-delivery via text SMS (4-5%) we send a Voice Call and that too at our own expense.

We understand you do recognize the importance of such a unique feature but again, it’s our responsibility and sometimes our pride where we need to tell you (and not boast) the importance of that Voice Call backup.

Another privilege of using SendOTP, the times when the government is forced to ban bulk messaging, instant messaging and mobile Internet in various parts of the country.

Due to the ban, internet-based businesses face disruption in their day-to-day communication with customers. Banking sector and internet-based enterprises are worst-hit as their transactions become incomplete without OTP verifications, and a ban on bulk SMS service leave them fidgeting.

SendOTP has time and again with its Voice Call backup bridged the communication gaps between customers and enterprises by offering Voice OTP, in the wake of the ban on delivery of text OTP, allowing us to serve our customers even during times when it seems highly impossible.

But that’s not it…

We envisioned a comprehensive solution for 2FA and we give our users all that and more with

  • OTP Engineering
  • Voice Call Backup
  • Global Coverage

When the customer asks for OTP and if the same is not delivered within 30 seconds, it is automatically sent via a call. And it works every single time. This solution with complete reporting is available and ready to implement in just a few minutes.

Your OTP will never fail; come what may, because yes, all it takes for a user to decide and leave your website is 8 seconds.


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